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Here are the best Hungarian gastro festivals for spring and summer

Here are the best Hungarian gastro festivals for spring and summer

Trying the meals of star chefs, drinking fröccs at the Danube coast, tasting new champagnes, wines, beers while eating a hamburger – these are only a few gastro experiences from the offer of the upcoming food festivals. collected the ones you should definitely keep an eye out for.

OTP Bank Gourmet Festival 2017

One of the coolest gastro festivals of Hungary is about to introduce some of the best restaurants of the region and invite the star chefs of even the neighbouring countries. You’ll be able to try the meals of restaurants coming from both the capital and the countryside, the best wines, beers, pálinkas of the country, and the selection of confectioneries, gourmet shops and street food places at more than 100 stands. Read more here: GOURMET FESTIVAL 2017: STRAWBERRIES, STAR CHEFS, MANGALICA

When: 18-21 of May
Where: Millenáris
Price: 3,900 Ft


8th Belgian Beer Festival

45 Belgian breweries will bring 250 types of beers to the first floor hall of Bálna. You’ll be able to sip on such specialties as the raspberry Framboise Boon, smoked tea Prearis Smokey Li or honey Lefedvre Barbar.

When: 19-21 May
Where: Bálna Budapest
Price: from 3,700 Ft

Photo: FB event – 8. Belga Sörfesztivál

5th Fröccs Picnic at the Danube coast

The main star of the picnic is the beloved Hungarian freshener: the fröccs (spritzer), which became famous under the name fröccs after Ányos Jedlik invented it. Besides the ones made from wine, you’ll also be able to try beer, pálinka and other special spritzers.

When: 19-21 May
Where: Goldmann György Square
Price: Free

Photo: FB event – V. Fröccs Piknik a Duna-parton

2nd Kraft Beer Festival

The team of Kraft started to organise the event in time to avoid the obstacles that arose last year. The concept and the location are the same, but there’s going to be much more beer benches and beer taps. Programmes will include beer tastings, brewery tours, educational lectures and a beer historical exhibition.

When: 19-21 May
Where: Főzdepark
Price: Free

Photo: FB event – II. Kraft Sörfesztivál

3rd Corvin Season Opening Beer Festival

The stars of the four-day-long event will be Hungarian craft beers and import beers from small works. 25 stands will welcome you with more than 100 types of beers from chili and ginger to fruit flavoured, from wheat beer to light beer specialties.

When: 25-28 May
Where: Corvin District
Price: Free

Photo: FB event – III. Corvin Szezonnyitó Sörfesztivál

May in Mátra

This is going to be the biggest premiere of the wineries of the Mátra Mountains, where 30 wineries will present their novelties from light, aromatic white wines and exciting linden to fruity red wines. Get to know this special wine region on the 25th of May in a quite exclusive spot, Stefánia Palace.

When: 25 May
Where: Stefánia Palace
Price: 3,900 Ft

Photo: FB event – Mátrai Május

Hamburger Days

As you might be able to guess, this festival will be centred around the best burgers of the city. Of course you’ll be able to drink great craft beers and pálinkas on the side, while enjoying musical programmes. There’s also going to be a Best of Hamburger challenge-cup winner and hamburger eating competition.

When: 1-4 June
Where: Westend Rooftop
Price: Free

Photo: FB event – Hamburger Days 2017

Great Champagne Tasting of June 2017

The aim of Champagne June is to attract attention to champagnes, and sparkling and pearling wines. The programme will include the tasting of the delicacies of 40 Hungarian and 40 foreign wineries, a free wine college and a master course.

When: 10 June
Where: Corinthia Hotel Budapest
Price: 10,900 Ft

Photo: FB event – Pezsgő Június Nagykóstoló 2017

Downtown Beer Festival

Get ready for the harmony of amazing beers and street food at a free festival, where you only have to pay for the festival glass. Among others, you’ll be able to try the beers of the country’s first new-wave open-view brewery.

When: 15-18 June
Where: Szabadság Square
Price: Free

Photo: FB event – Belvárosi Sörfesztivál

4th Night of Street Food

In accordance with the previous “The Night of…” type events street food bars, burger bars and food trucks will be present at their known location and will provide 20-50% discounts and a special spring menu to their visitors. Don’t miss it! Read more here: NIGHT OF STREET FOOD WILL TAKE PLACE ON FRIDAY IN BUDAPEST

When: 19 May
Where: At the street food bars that joined the event
Price: Depends on the bar

Photo: FB event – 4. Street Food Éjszakája

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  1. Anonymous

    Did you mean to say best festivals for May and June? Spring starts in March and summer ends in August! Your list didn’t cover any further than Budapest…

  2. Alex

    No mention of my favorite one in Szeged, “fish festival” in September, I just LOVE it

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