According to, after Budapest and Tihany, you can meet special drinking fountains converted from hydrants in Pecs as well. They give excellent water at one touch. They are especially handy during hot days and make a good service for passers wanting refreshment.

Ivocsap (Drinking Tap) Project won the Smart City Lab contest of Design Terminal. The idea came from four architecture students: Sarolta Huttl, Judit Soltesz, Zsofi Zetenyi and Zsofia Zoletnyik. Accroding to their basic concept, they fit a special head on the unused hydrants of streets, from which water can be drunk at the push of a button. Besides the new function, the hydrant keeps its original, fire safety role as well.

The new refreshment points were designed in central parts of Pecs, on Szechenyi Square and Dom Square, where you can find not just spray gates but two new drinking fountains as well. These can be taken advantage from spring to autumn. Their number will likely grow in the near future – learned it from Vice Mayor of Pecs Laszlo Ori. At the push of a button, excellent quality-drinking water comes from the drinking taps which are continuously monitored.

In Budapest, the girls are setting a core network with the 50-100 pieces of drinking taps given to the Budapest Waterworks, which would be always ready equipped in public areas. In addition, it would depend on local governments whether the system would be expanded with additional taps. In the countryside, there are also quite a few interested – municipalities, water authorities – but also specific customers, for example Oroszlany and the Veszprem waterworks. In addition to sales, the group considers it important to launch an “adoption” program which means a seasonal, short-term rental and can be used by anyone, even individuals – they said to magazine Magyar Narancs.

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