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Daily Mail reports that Hungarian dentist Dr Zsolt Csillag, working at the Forest and Ray Medical Care Group in London, was accused by 65 years old Jackie Stokes by not only taking all her savings (£9,500), but leaving her with “crippling pain, blisters, stitches falling out and the implants shifting.”

The patent had to look for another doctor after her dentist of 30 years went private, and she could no longer afford the fees. Stokes had two procedures in Budapest and one in London, but was left with a gap between her gums and upper teeth, which makes it harder to eat, and she also suffers from pain caused by the implants.

Stokes needs to undergo several other procedures to fix her teeth which will cost an additional £25,000.

Dr Csillag was found guilty of misconduct by the General Dental Council (GDC) and gave him a one-year supervision order, which does not apply outside of the United Kingdom. Dr Csillag has since returned to Hungary and, although Daily Mail was unable to reach him, had a brief talk with the dentist over the phone .

The doctor said that the GDC investigated the case, let him practice, and he’s fed up with all the false information and the old lady telling lies.

This was not the first time that a Hungarian doctor was accused of misconduct in London. Dr Csillag was reported by another client in 2013, which later led to the one-year supervision order. Béla Bátorfi, dentist of PM Viktor Orbán was also accused of misconduct a couple of years ago, and was prohibited from practicing for a year.

Daily Star also accused Hungarian dentists in 2013 of starting “jaw wars.” Dental care can be 40-70% cheaper in Hungary, compared to the United Kingdom, and Hungarian dentists have been flooding the country for years. The website complains that several companies have much lower prices than the British ones have because, from the dentists to secretaries and janitors, everyone is Hungarian there. Giving employees a lower salary is how these companies are able to operate and charge less than other doctors.

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  1. I don’t tell lies, I still have the proof in my month, the irreversible damage done by Csillge, he let me down by ignoring my concerns, he is a professional man and I trusted him

  2. Poor you it’s a minefield just went to forest and Ray for a check up and X-ray they are a bunch of con artists the “dentist ” I saw didn’t know anything about implants and kept suggesting dentures he didn’t know what all on 4 procedure was
    Don’t go near this place!!!!

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