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‘European Diplomacy & Economics’ is a professionally designed periodical magazine focusing on diplomatic and consular affairs, with an insight on economics and culture with the aim to address the selected audience of the wider European Union rather than a single country. In the magazine, there is space provided for opinion, interviews with diplomats from different countries, in which they share their own individual and their countries’ views in different topics. Besides these, professional and cultural events are presented in the magazine.

Why is this magazine different from others? According to Erik Molnár, Jr., editor in chief, perhaps the most significant difference between this magazine and its rivals in the market is that there has never been a magazine collecting information and providing insights about European diplomacy and economic processes and thereby informing those who represent and influence these processes. They also distinguish themselves by the distribution; it is unique in the sense that it covers the entire European Union.

In the latest issue, you’ll find interviews – among others – with the Ambassador of Finland in Vienna and with the director of the Vienna State Opera. As the magazine is based in Vienna they put a focus on the city. They have a report on the recent Eurovision programme and an interview with the Austrian actress and singer, who was named as Austria’s “Ambassador in the World”, Dagmar Koller. They also interviewed Kenneth Merten, U.S. Ambassador to Croatia, who was decorated by Haiti’s president with the Grande Croix of Honor and Merit.

There is also an interview with Michal Lőrincz, the Danish honorary consul and the president of the Slovak Honorary Consular Corp, about the relationship between Denmark and Slovakia and the mission of the consul. Another interview that gives a deeper insight into a topic is the interview with László Kiss, the honorary consul of the Republic of Seychelles to Hungary.
At the end of the magazine you’ll find festival recommendations for all tastes in almost all countries of the European Union.

“In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued – they may be essential to survival.” Noam Chomsky

‘European Diplomacy & Economics’ is published twice a year with 10,000 copies per publication, and each publication is accompanied by side events in the field of culture, economy and diplomacy organized in different European cities.

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