Angela Merkel sharply criticized the leaders of the EU’s Eastern member states, especially Viktor Orban because their handling of the migrant situation at the meeting of the European People’s Party behind closed doors – a Brussel-based newspaper wrote. Politico, which is well-informed in EU affairs, says: according to the German Chancellor, politicians experienced the Cold War should not behave like among others, the Hungarians do, wrote.

“Yes, we helped Hungary that is why a lot of people criticize in Germany. We helped because we thought someone has to save the dignity of Europe” – Angela Merkel said at the meeting of the European People’s Party (where Fidesz and the German CDU are both members) held behind closed doors in Strasbourg. The Chancellor met the representatives of the party family just an hour before her speech in the European Parliament.

She thinks fence is not a solution for the problems. According to the attendees, the Chancellor spoke specifically emotional, she criticized the Eastern leaders of the EU, especially Viktor Orban for the way of treating the migrant crisis. Merkel allegedly said Eastern Europeans were supposed to learn from their own history, wrote.

The Chancellor attacked these politicians on the basis of Christianity as well. She does not want that there will be difference between Muslim and Christian refugees. Those who refuse taking refugees on principle, they are posing a threat to Europe, according to Merkel, wrote.

Angela Merkel’s public speech was very stiffly and modest. In the European Parliament, she called the EU member states for cooperation in controlling borders, and the problem has to be managed at the root, in the Middle East.

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  1. Herr Merkel is very similar to another German tyrant pushing their will onto sovereign countries. When is she going to start growing her moustache?

  2. I think Hungary is learning from its own history as Hungary was Germany’s ally in both world wars and lost both times. So please Ms Merkel don’t bring history up just because you want to look good for what your country did in the last century.

  3. Merkel exposed the entire Europe to a very high terrorism risk and she critics the other…that’s really funny. The future will demonstrate that Orban made what is good to protect his country. Moreover, she spent the taxpayer money on african, sirian and turks and not for european citizens. That is another sign of madness. Africa is poor because they are not doing nothing to change their faith, why we europeans to pay for that? Bravo Orban, i hope you will resist and you will continue to give hard lessons to the imbeciles. I m not hungarian but today i would like to be…the government of my country will end probably by floding my country with imigrants just to please Merkel.

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