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Budapest, Tokaj and Nyitra – a piece of Hungary in America

In the late 1880s an American businessman, called Ralph L. Spencer, dreamed of Haralson county, Georgia, producing fine wines, but he needed immigrants who also have some idea about it. He chose Hungarians and attracted them with the promise of giving them land and work, similar to their Hungarian one, wrote. Soon, a 2000-acre vineyard and a town was created while more than 200 Hungarian families moved to the neighborhood. The center was called Budapest, but Tokaj – a couple of kilometers away – and Nyitra, founded by Slovakians, were also important parts of this economic unity. The villages ... Read more

Streets and cities preserve the name of Kossuth in US

The spiritual leader of the 1848/1849 Hungarian War of Independence convinced masses to side with the Hungarian case during his American journey, and his memory has not faded away after 160 years, wrote. Lajos Kossuth believed in the restart of the War of Independence; he traveled from the UK to the USA in 1851 in order to create financial conditions and support for the fight. He arrived in New York in December 1851, where he was welcomed by a 31-gun salute in the name of the then 31 American states. In January and in July Kossuth dollars were made. These ... Read more

Gellért Hotel regains its former glory after renovation

Danubius Hotels is looking for an investment partner for the renovation of Gellért Hotel. The multi-billion investment may take 1.5-2 years, wrote. Imre Deák, CEO of Danubius Hotels Group said on Wednesday that Danubius Hotels Zrt. and its parent company, CP Holdings has commissioned the London office of CBRE to find the suitable investment partner for a joint venture to renovate Gellért Hotel. Gellért Hotel is exclusively owned by Danubius. According to the plans, the historical hotel’s original values and former glory will be restored. The multi-billion investment may take 1.5-2 years – the CEO told. Danubius Hungary is ... Read more

200 young Hungarians can work in Australia

Hungary and Australia has made an agreement, according to which 200 young people can get Work and Holiday visa for a year, so many Hungarians can travel to the faraway country to work, and the same number of people can come to Hungary from Australia as well, wrote. On February 24, Australia and Hungary signed an agreement that will allow the citizens to get Work and Holiday visa – the Australian Immigration Office wrote. Thanks to that 200 young Hungarians will have the chance to work for up to one year in Australia. The same applies to the Australians ... Read more

Budapest is Europe’s 5th most dangerous city

Mercer, one of the world’s biggest HR consulting firm, publishes its quality of life index every year, which includes the list of the safest cities. British newspaper Independent notes: this compilation is one of the most comprehensive of its kind. Mercer examined the cities’ relationship to other countries, internal stability, rate of crime and law enforcement, reported. Budapest is the 5th most dangerous on the list. According to the reason, social insecurity is on the rise since the outbreak of the refugee crisis. They recall the chaos at the railway stations and the demonstrations on the streets, when Prime Minister Viktor ... Read more

Sexy sailing video about Lake Balaton – Watch HERE reports on a new high-quality video that shows a catamaran, a naked wake-boarder girl and a sailboat on lake Balaton. The idea of the short film came from a small team. They belong to the forefront of Hungarian sailing and shipbuilding. The goal was to make a film that simultaneously shows a feeling, presents lake Balaton, and the beauty of extreme sailing at the same time. According to the note one of the specialties in the video is a larger catamaran that pulls the girl by the power of the wind. Other similar videos are made on seas and show mostly men. Those short movies are generally also ... Read more

Border security fence may be torn apart in March

According to, despite the Balkan countries tightening their border controls in order to slow down the migrant influx nothing good can be expected. Experts say that these measures will pressurize the Hungarian border section even more. Police leaders of Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria agreed last Thursday that they will register the migrants with joint forces at the Greek-Macedonian border to avoid the forced deportations. The Serbs introduced additional restrictions on Monday: migrants may only enter Serbia with a stamped certificate with a photograph. On Tuesday, Serbia announced that they will not let the Afghan migrants in, until Austria maintains ... Read more

Vienna is still the most livable city of the world while Budapest is only the 77th

Budapest is only the 77th, but it is still better than Warsaw or Zagreb. Paris lost a lot of prestige because of the terrorist attacks. Surprisingly, Damascus is not the worst place to live. presented the survey of  global advisory company Mercer. The survey emphasizes the Austrian capital’s public security and the high quality of public transport and leisure facilities. London, Paris and New York are not even included in the top 35 – Guardian wrote. The German-language cities triumphed this year, too. In addition to Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt are also included in the top 7. ... Read more

Several Hungarian wines won gold at Berliner Wein Trophy

According to, nearly two dozens of Hungarian wines earned medals in the competition called Berliner Wein Trophy (BWT) organized by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). The results have been announced in the German capital on Tuesday. 48 Hungarian wines participated in the competition, 15 of them earned a gold medal and 7 wines became 2nd. According to the rules up to 30% of the total number of competitors can be awarded. This rate was nearly 50% among the Hungarian wines. Tokaj and Szekszárd triumphed, while Villány also performed well. BWT has been organized since 2004 in two rounds, ... Read more

Vast majority of Budapest people rejects incorporation of City Park

According to, the majority of the respondents do not want more museums to be built in the City Park. However, they would be happy if the park could be renovated. In addition, the people do not agree with the moving of some government offices to the Buda Castle – research of Ipsos revealed. The results were published by Ipsos polled how the Budapest residents would support the planned museum district worth HUF 200 billion. The research was ordered by Levegő Munkacsoport (Air Action Group). The answers revealed that 55-75% of the respondents reject the plan. 3 different questions were ... Read more

Vote for the Hungarian tree in the Tree of the Year contest!

The European Tree of the Year contest began in 2011. Its purpos is to draw attention to the significance of old trees, in connection with our natural and cultural heritage. This year, Hungary is represented by the oak of Bátaszék, wrote. According to the website, the oak is a memento of a forest from the 18th century, and there is a chapel behind it. The description says: “The tree and the chapel guard the settlement and its people, who also found protection here during the flood of 1956. The local farmers have always looked after the tree: they cut the dry ... Read more

23rd International Energy and Innovation Forum in Visegrád was a huge success

According to, the professional seminar organized for the 23rd time this year – formerly known as the main energetic seminar – was a huge success again. Nearly 120 participants of 12 countries visited the event, and 10-12 students came from Esztergom and Párkány (Slovakia) every day. Africa – the continent that can mean the future for the energy revolution – was represented by 4 countries: diplomats, experts and academics from Morocco, Guinea, Benin and Madagascar participated at the forum. Hungarians and foreigners also gave lectures: Professor Dr. Norbert Kroó (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and László Csernai from the University of Bergen ... Read more

Budapest applying for the Olympics differently than competing cities

According to, Hungary did not even submit a logo. Iván Rózsa, Head of Communications at Budapest2024 Nonprofit Zrt. said there is no final logo yet, since no result has been achieved on the joint design contest of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) and Design Terminal. 180 works had contested, 6 have been chosen, and the final decision is expected within a few weeks. asked how they feel about every other city already finishing their logo until February 17, which was the date of the first round of the submission of applications. Rózsa responded that they are not embarrassed, since there was no deadline ... Read more

Young Hungarian entrepreneurs visit HTCC Dubai

Delegation of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs (FIVOSZ) visited the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centre (HTCC) in Dubai, wrote. Several business people visited the United Arab Emirates during the trip organized by  FIVOSZ. The people stayed in Abu Dhabi and they got their first experience of the country. They also visited Dubai, where HTCC hosted this group of 20 people. The organization shared useful and interesting information about the local situation and business opportunities. Dániel Szathmáry, representative of HTCC Dubai, said that they gladly help these kind of business delegations and guide them when interested in the local conditions. HTCC ... Read more

Hungarian students spread Putin’s propaganda – VIDEO

Russians launched a Europe-wide propaganda campaign by using students. They gathered students from Gábor Dénes College and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), wrote. A Russian-Hungarian co-produced video began to spread, where Hungarian students ask the help of the UN against the USA, referring to the war actions of the American superpower and also ask for an international investigation against Barack Obama. Most of the students attend Gábor Dénes College, but there are ELTE and high school students as well. The propaganda was read out in an unprofessional way with English subtitles. The errors in the text and the whole transcript are revealing. The ... Read more

World’s largest indoor water park can be built at Balaton

According to, they want to build the 110-hectare water entertainment center with a special foil roof structure in Vörösberény, at the Lake Balaton. Imagine that there is a 1.7 km-long and 500-900 m-wide area from Balatonfűzfő to Balatonalmádi, covered by a huge structure. A similar building has been operating in Cornwall, UK for one and a half decades. It is called Eden Project, and it was turned into a gigantic arboretum from an abandoned quarry. Péter Gulyás, inventor of Aqua Regnum Hungary entertainment center also saw this solution in the Garden of Eden. However, his project is 40 times larger ... Read more

Dinosaurs in the Veszprém zoo

You can see life-sized copies of Dinosaurs on the Gulya Hill, from summer on, wrote. Veszprém Zoo will be the first one in Hungary where you can see life-sized dinosaurs – the Facebook page of the zoo wrote. The announcement calls the geologic exhibition and the paleontology park unique. From this summer you can see famous dinosaurs, like T-Rex, Triceratops and Velociraptor there. The children can test their luck as young archaeologists and they can gain an insight into the ancient world. The zoo can offer a full-day program for the families. [gallery link=”file” size=”large” columns=”1″ ids=”34169,34167,34166,34165,34164,34163″] Photos: Veszprémi Állatkert Facebook ... Read more

This is why Hungarian doctors leave the country

According to, a junior doctor can earn HUF 9.5 million (EUR 30,640) in a year in Bristol, UK. Dr. Bálint Hargitai – a Hungarian anesthesiologist working in Bristol – told that the hospital he works in is very clean, and nobody is allowed to work more than 48 hours a week (including duties). They care for as many people as their time allows. Inpatients are able to choose from three types of food, even diabetic and gluten-free products are available. In addition, the patients can rate the hospital conditions through a questionnaire. The quality indicators are uploaded to a website where the potential ... Read more

Soon there may be a new World Heritage site in Hungary along the Danube

According to, the Hungarian Danube section of the Roman Empire may win UNESCO World Heritage title in 2018, which can be one of the largest World Heritage sites in the world. The aim of the Duna-Limes program is to achieve that the world-fame could impact the non-Roman values as well and to create an organized and thematic touristic offer, taking into consideration all international demands. knows that the application must be sent within a year. The registration document was filled by University of Pécs, between 2008 and 2011. It was entitled “The boundaries of the Roman Empire – Hungarian section of ... Read more

This is how the Romanian secret service works in Szeklerland

Secret service agents, state officials fulfilling orders, full-time challengers are trying to intimidate Hungarians and provoke them into things that the power in Bucharest can refer to when acting. presents some of them. Romanian journalist Dan Tanasa happily announced on February 6 that his professional Facebook page received 10 thousand likes. Four days earlier he wrote that his blog was visited by 372 thousand people last year. The Romanian internet analyzing service says that he is one of the most popular authors in Romania. Ethnic cleansing Who is this 34-year-old man who brought dozens of Hungarian local governments in Szeklerland to ... Read more