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Hungary, Slovakia sign declaration of intent for construction of north-south gas pipeline

#Hungary and #Slovakia signed a declaration of intent to build a north-south #gas #pipeline

Hungary, China sign interstate deal to keep Chinese university in Budapest

#Hungary and #China signed an interstate agreement to ensure the continued operations of the #Heilongjiang #University of #Chinese #Medicine in #Budapest

Georges Leekens appointed Hungary’s national coach

Belgian manager is the next national coach in Hungary

Kall Ingredients inaugurates 145 million euros isoglucose plant

45 billion forint (EUR 145m) isoglucose plant: - Orbán cabinet awarded Kall Ingredients a #9.2 billion forint grant, - MKB Bank and Eximbank provided #30 billion forints in credit

Hungary’s FM meets Greek counterpart in Athens

"We must make it clear that we cannot let Christian communities in the Middle East or in other crisis zones be jeopardised or expelled from their homes"

Currency exchange – Hungarian forint – 30.10.2017.

Currency exchange - #Hungarian #forint - TODAY

Nine charities to receive 14.5 million euros grant for infrastructure upgrade

Nine #Hungarian #charities have won EU grants worth a total EUR 14.5m for infrastructure development projects

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow and Budapest are concerned about Kiev’s “Ukrainization” policy

#Russia and #Hungary expressed their deep concerns over #Kiev policy of total "#Ukrainization" of the country and its detrimental impact on #Ukraine's national minorities

Gigantic projects are going to be realised soon in Budapest!

Some of the gigantic projects are going to be realised soon in Budapest!

Hundreds demonstrate with bonfires across Transylvania for Szekler autonomy

Demonstrators made bonfires in Csíkszereda and across #Szeklerland signalling that the flame of freedom inextinguishable! #romania #szekler #autonomy

Parliament to vote on cancelling mandatory chimney inspection for family homes

#Lawmakers will also vote on amendment proposals by the government to improve competitiveness and changes that will affect the handling of #migration

EU to discuss Hungarian initiative on honey, beekeepers

Imported Chinese honey of often dubious origin is causing Hungarian and other European beekeepers a headache

Heavy winds prompt transport changes, delays – PHOTOS – UPDATE

The national weather service issued second and third degree warnings in several counties around Hungary

Economy minister presents Hungarian model at Tatra Summit

"What we expect from Brussels is not to withdraw certain resources or force us to use national resources, but..." - Hungary's economy minister #Tatra #Summit

POLL: Fidesz received 44 percent support, Jobbik stood at 19 percent

Support for the Socialists dropped by a percentage point, to 5 percent #Hungaryelection2018

Hungarian FM: Catalan independence declaration Spain’s internal affair

"The declaration of Catalonian independence as a matter of Spanish internal affairs" - Hungary's foreign minister

Hungary vetoes NATO-Ukraine Commitssion session

Hungary has blocked the NATO-Ukraine committee from meeting as a result of Ukraine's language law

LOT starts hiring Hungarian cabin crew for direct flights to US from Budapest

Polish airline #LOT will be launching direct passenger flights to #New #York and #Chicago from #Budapest

Christian Democrats: murderers, criminals arrive at Hungary’s border among migrants

"Two recent incidents have demonstrated that there are murderers and other criminals among the migrants arriving at Hungary's border"