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3-Point beginners guide to lucrative investing

The best way to get some returns in the future from the money you invest today is by obtaining productive assets ;)

Best ideas and opportunities for businesses

There are many people who want to start their own #business for getting success in their life but...

Referral SEO brand services

According to a recent survey, there are several businesses which are seeking help from #SEO #brand services to reach the target audience

Hungary and Poland stand up for their national interests – Polish foreign minister visits Budapest

"The bureaucrats in #Brussels have launched a campaign of revenge" against #Hungary and #Poland but..." - Hungarian FM

Hungary productivity gains “modest”, European Commission says

The #European #Commission (#EC) said productivity increases in #Hungary have been modest #hungarian #economy

Orbán: Migration will completely reshape world

"#Migration will completely reshape the world in which we live, and everything that happens in 2050 and beyond will be a consequence of what is happening now" - PM Orbán

Hungary takes action against tax evasion by multinationals

The government plans to institute new rules with a view to preventing #multinational #companies from evading #Hungarian #taxes

Here are the 20 most vegan countries in Europe – Check out the list here!

These are the 20 most #vegan #countries in Europe - #Hungary ranks 14th - Check out the list here!

Positive thinking during pregnancy can improve your child’s math and science skills

Being pregnant is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. But it can become stressful as well, especially when the baby starts kicking or you experience sudden mood swings. These common pregnancy problems sometimes make it hard to think positively. It’s easy to forget the many benefits of being in a healthy mindset to your unborn child. Scientists explain that a woman’s positive and negative thoughts have an immense influence on a child’s learning abilities.   Redirecting your mind Thinking positively during pregnancy is like a mental exercise that you will have to do consistently. Think of the mind as a scale balanced on a fine line. If you ... Read more

Orbán cabinet: European Commission would turn Europe into ‘immigration continent’

"#EuropeanCommission would turn Europe into #immigration #continent" - #Hungary #Hungarian #government #EU #EPP

Day of Victims of Communism marked in Hungary

Day of Victims of #Communism - Between 1945 and 1988 more than 900,000 people were executed, the actual number of people murdered was much higher!

Hungary calls on UN to ditch pro-migration stance

"If the #UN does not give up its completely biased stance on #migration, the danger to #Europe in the coming months will be extremely serious" - Hungarian FM Szijjártó

AMBIENT 2019 Frankfurt through eyes of a Hungarian

#Ambiente is the leading international trade fair and the world’s number one in products associated with dining, cooking, household items... #Frankfurt #Germany #Ambiente2019

Foreign ministers confirm Hungarian-Slovak alliance

"Fast improving Hungary-Slovakia relations are beneficial to ethnic #Hungarians in #Slovakia and also to ethnic #Slovaks in #Hungary."

Hungary’s economic achievements recognised even by former critics, says Minister Varga

#Hungary's economy expanded by 5 percent in the last quarter of 2018 while #euro #zone and #Germany expansion slowed down

Hungarian waiting lists for scheduled operations shrink, says minister

Patients have to wait longest, 128 days, for knee prostheses #hungary #hungarian #healthcare

Causes of tensions triggered by migration to strengthen, says Orbán in EU-Arab League summit

Experience shows the need of mutual respect for the cultural, religious and political traditions of various nations - PM Viktor Orbán

Currency exchange – Hungarian forint – 25 February 2019

Currency exchange - #Hungarian #forint - #TODAY

On 25 February we remember victims of communist dictatorship

25 February - the Memorial Day of the Victims of Communism!