Author: Alpár Kató

Orbán to support Manfred Weber’s candidacy in EPP

#Orbán will support the election of #Manfred #Weber as the lead candidate of the #European #People's #Party #epp #fidesz #hungary #eu

Danube level at another record low in Hungary

#Danube's low water levels do not affect water quality but... #hungary #hungarian #duna #river #weather

Cooperation with Cyprus increasingly important, says Hungarian foreign minister in Nicosia

"Europe and the European Union could only be strong if they are composed of strong countries and strong member states" #cyprus #hungary #eu

Hungary’s gold reserves increase tenfold, reaching historical levels!

Hungary raises gold reserves from 3.1 to 31.5 tonnes!

Currency exchange – Hungarian Forint – 18 October 2018

Currency exchange - #Hungarian #Forint - TODAY

Fidesz demands MP Demeter’s removal from parliament over allegations concerning PM’s daughter

#Fidesz has called on #LMP MP Márta #Demeter to return her mandate for "disclosing classified information"

Self-service parcel terminal business expands in Hungary

Companies that operate self-service parcel terminals in Hungary are expanding!

This Hungarian start-up will make you drop your driving license

You get in the car, say where you want to go, drink the coffee, put on your make-up and relax until your car takes you to your destination :) #AIMotive #startup

Budapest Bistro in Laos – Gundel Pacakes of the shores of Lake Mekong!

According to GLOBS Magazine, the Laotian capital of Vientián, located on the shores of Lake Mekong, despite not being a busy metropolis, is becoming increasingly popular for tourists. The environment, bearing obvious signs of the French colonization, is undergoing more and more dynamic change. In addition to the brand new public investments, new shopping malls are built in addition to exceptional restaurants sprouting like mushrooms. One of the latest gems and the sole Eastern-European restaurant of the area is Budapest Bistro, wherein retro elements and modern design and mouth-watering Hungarian tastes merge. The restaurant’s menu strives to fulfil every possible need: ... Read more

Greening the desert and Moroccan-Hungarian model of progressive climate protection

Thanks to a new Hungarian innovation, seven million trees to be planted per square will capture about 25 million tons of carbon dioxide! - #HTCC

Brexit poses extra tasks for tax and customs authorities, says Hungarian finance ministry

"#Brexit will pose significant extra tasks for #tax and customs office NAV" #hungary #hungarian #economy

Budapest Uncovered: Medieval Monasteries

After Hungary took up Christianity as the state religion in AD 1000, it became mandatory for every ten villages to build a church. In subsequent centuries a number of monastic orders chose to plant their feet in the recently Christianized kingdom, erecting huge monasteries all over the country. Hundreds of years later, it’s mostly only ruins what you’ll find in their place – big ruins, nonetheless. In this issue’s Budapest Uncovered we’ll show you around the still visible remains of three of Medieval Buda’s monasteries, Funzine reports. Dominican Convent (Margaret Island) For hundreds of years, a visit to Margaret Island was ... Read more

Orbán “no longer has a place” in EPP, says Juncker

Hungary's prime minister #Orbán "no longer has a place" in the European People's Party (#EPP) - Juncker

Air pollution alert issued for several Hungarian cities

No improvement in air quality was likely over the next few days! #airpollution #airpollutionalert #hungary

UK Hungarians’ rights safe even if Brexit deal falls through?

Hungarian government is ready to guarantee the same rights for #Britons living in #Hungary #brexit #uk #unitedkingdom

African swine fever reported in fifty villages in NE Hungary

The national chief veterinary officer has imposed restrictions in 50 villages in #Hungary after classifying them as infected with #ASP virus

On the fabulous landscapes of Transylvania

For us, Hungarians, the #Transylvanian events represent, mean a lot :) #erdély #székelyföld #tourism

Ten Steps from Budapest to Varna – Through the Balkan

Get to know the 10 hidden gems of the #Balkan ;)

Vacationing in Transylvania

Let us now take a look at some of the recreational possibilities available to visitors in #Transylvania! :)

Flavors, Prayers, Transylvania

Must visit place: We love #Transyvania! Are you planning to visit Transylvania?