Author: Kinga Fegyó

Gorgeous small towns near Budapest

If you have some time while visiting the capital, explore these wonderful small towns :)

Here is Hungary’s Sugar-Free Cake of 2017

You can taste the winner cakes at the Street of Hungarian Flavours near Castle Garden Bazaar on 19-20 August :)

Precious Hungarian art treasures stay in America

The government doesn't want to buy them any longer

Hungarian Balázs Baji won bronze medal on 110 metres hurdles – World Championships in Athletics

What a run it was! Video in the article ;) A Hungarian sprinter has never won any medals and has never won the finals before!!!

Even Taiwan sends dancers to Csango Festival

Check out Csango Festival between between 8-13 August ;)

Museum of Applied Arts closed for years due to restoration in Hungary

Until the 3rd of September special programs await visitors

Hungary weather forecast: rain and wind make stop the heat

As the cold front arrived, Thursday will be the last day of the heat for a while

10 places in Transylvania worth visiting

Let's visit Transylvania in the last weeks of this summer!

7 most beautiful arboretums in Hungary – PHOTOS

Some of the most beautiful Hungarian arboretums

Gunarasfürdő – new health resort in Hungary

Another special health resort of Hungary :)

Budapest sets new heat record

Extreme heat stays, Sunday brings the turning point

Unstealable Hungarian Beachegg keeps your properties safe

Beachegg successfully fights thiefs at the beaches

Fireworks of 20 August to change style and place in Budapest

Check out the new location not to miss the fireworks :)

Old man in the Bükk healing with herbs

Why don't we use more herbs in healing?

Hungarian hit-and-run driver jailed in Great Britain

Four Hungarians were sentenced to jail because of last New Year's Eve happenings

99-year-old woman becomes Hungarian citizen for the third time

Changes in history: sometimes you are a Hungarian citizen, sometimes you are not...

Hungarians love America but not Donald Trump

American customs are more popular than #Trump's current policy