Author: John Woods

‘Hungarian Uber’ to reform goods transportation market?

The ‘Hungarian Uber’ provides transport organization services which can result in a 40-50% save regarding shipment costs.

Labour shortage: ‘wage bomb’ from Aldi

Because of the labour shortage Aldi tries to attract experienced employees working for their competitors with an outstanding EUR 1140 monthly gross wage.

Why does it take hours to cross the Hungary-Ukraine border?

Border crossers blame Ukrainian authorities while frontier guards say that even though they try to work swift their system is outdated.

Emigration: thousands of Hungarian doctors work in Germany

Emigration of doctors causes more and more problems in Hungary.

Wages: SME sector will fall behind without reforms

Hungarian SME sector needs governmental support in order to become able to increase wages.

Taxi drivers: inevitable fare increase in 2018?

Taxi companies are struggling with the lack of taxi drivers. The job is not attractive anymore because of the low wages, so a fare rise is inevitable.

Islamic State used weapons made in the communist Hungary

According to a newly published report, 132 weapons used by the Islamic State and manufactured in Hungary were found in Iraq and Syria.

Hungarian Academy Award winner’s new film among the most anticipated movies of 2018

Academy Award winner László Nemes-Jeles’s new feature film, Sunset can be found among Variety’s most anticipated movies of 2018.

Property price increase may stop this year in Budapest

Thanks to the decreasing number of property purchases in Budapest the increase in real estate prices may stop this year.

Labour shortage: overloaded and underpaid nurses

Labour shortage has become critical in the health care sector; nurses are not only underpaid but even overloaded. As a result, they prepare to go on strike.

Hungary and Lithuania to abolish daylight saving time?

Biggest opposition party Jobbik initiated the abolishment of daylight saving time due to economic and health reasons. Lithuania wants the same now.

Hungary popular among third-country students

The number of students coming from a third country is constantly rising in Hungary. This is good not only for the universities, but also for the government.

Opinion: ‘let’s talk about the lesson of emigration’

Emigration causes huge problems in Hungary, but the government acts as if losing 570 thousand people was not a problem. This might turn out very badly.

Labour shortage: too few potential employees

According to new data, one of the main causes of the labour shortage in Hungary is the decreasing number of potential employable workforce.

Labour shortage: bus drivers overloaded and exhausted

BKV admitted that drivers have to work overtime more because of labour shortage. Trade union leader says this is why more accidents happen.

Residency bond business: profit in offshore hands

Offshore companies connected to cabinet minister Antal Rogán made a fortune through residency bond business while the state lost billions.

Waiting lists still very long in Hungarian hospitals

Waiting lists are still unbearably long in Hungary, for example, patients have to wait 470 days for a spine surgery. Many choose private healthcare.

Hungary almost the poorest country in the EU

According to a new Eurostat survey, Hungary is among the poorest EU-countries taking into consideration GDP per capita and actual individual consumption.

Hungarians do not care about corruption

Hungarians consider corruption a problem, but they got used to it. Biggest opposition party Jobbik would stand against it.

Lack of medicines to become chronic in Hungary

The list of medicines in short supply is becoming longer every day in Hungary; however, ordering them online might be dangerous.