Author: Kitti Erdő-Bonyár

Funniest Hungarian mistranslations in Friends

The Day of the Hungarian Language was on 13 November, so why not take a look at what we create with our beautifully rich language? Do you also put lumpfish in your mashed potatoes? :)

Hungarians’ views on sexual harassment – Survey

Four out of ten people (41%) think that victims are responsible for becoming victims of sexual harassment.

8 great all you can eat restaurants in Budapest

Have you tried any of these 8 places? :)

János Arany the Hungarian Shakespeare

As 2017 is the János Arany Memorial Year, let's recall what we have learnt in literature classes and commemorate the oeuvre of one of the most brilliant Hungarian poets.

Emigration: easy way out or a life-long dilemma?

An important and highly relevant issue to talk about. What is your opinion?

Did you know that in Hungary, if you want lower gas prices all you have to do is ask?

People of Mezőkövesd wanted lower gas prices. András Tállai made it happen.

Hungarian wine bottles decorated with autistic art

What is better than opening a bottle of wine with friends on a Saturday evening? Helping people in need by doing so.

Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square opens

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... :)

Hungarian researcher discovers new species

Check out the little guy :)

Top 10 Hungarian restaurants

Do you agree with TripAdvisor's list? Which 10 Hungarian restaurants constitute your list?

Shocking footage of Hungarian woman’s careless driving goes viral – Video

Road safety campaigners called this incident a “nauseating disregard for safety.”

The compass of Pécs: the TV Tower

The Tv Tower has become the symbol of Pécs throughout the years.

4+1 things you did not know about Budapest’s underground railways

Let's set aside the chaos caused by the consequences of M3's renovation for a few minutes.

Hajós, the town of wine cellars

The only problem will be deciding which wine to try first ;)

Australian politician might have to resign due to his Hungarian ancestry

According to the law, dual citizens cannot hold political office in Australia.

Villány wine region, paradise of palaeontologists

Check out who lived in the Villány wine region 200 million years before humans.

Hungarian embassy to open in Uganda

Hungary to open an embassy in Uganda, Africa.