Author: Zsóka Kovács

100 years of beauty in Hungary – VIDEO

Check out what trends Hungarian women followed in the past :)

Visegrád Group is the most successful alliance in EU

The V4 countries and órepresentatives from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are attending a meeting to discuss the situation in the western Balkans region.

Hungarian government does not align its foreign policy with third parties

The government was accused of ducking the issue of US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital by talking only about economic ties between the EU and Israel.

Hungarian FM: EU is right to back Hungary on Ukraine education law issue

The Hungarian government will therefore block all Ukraine's international initiatives until the situation is settled in a satisfactory way for Transcarpathian Hungarians

Industrial sector output up by some 40 percent since 2010

Hungary is first in terms of industrial output growth within the region, and it is well above the 7.9 percent average increase in the European Union.

Hungary’s gas supply is assured

The level of Hungary’s stored gas reserves has never been as high as it was this year

Fidesz board to name individual candidates on January 16

The list "will not be too much of a surprise"

Expressway M44 is officially coming

The construction of M44 involves the building of a modern bridge over the Tisza river

Socialists approve of the left’s joint PM candidate

The left's joint candidate said: "if you need me, I will come ... and bring with me everything I know."

Paks papers leave LMP candidate dissatisfied

Bernadett Szél, PM candidate of the opposition LMP party, voiced dissatisfaction after looking into the implementation documents of the Paks nuclear plant upgrade project

Parliament adopts resolution rejecting EP decision on migration

The Socialists, the Democratic Coalition and LMP did not vote. 

The 7+34 wonders of Transylvania

Now you can share your memories and experiences while learning about the Transylvanian wonders

The Hungarian daredevils, the Hussars

Do you know about your own country's hussars?

Hungarian FM: Europe’s problems should be solved based on common sense

'Central Europe has to be tough in these debates and voice its sober standpoint loudly and clearly'

Presidents of Hungary and France consult on Paris climate accord implementation

Áder also invited Macron to Hungary, who might visit Budapest early next year

Landlords to save billions of forints in 2018

Next year, property owners will benefit from lower red tape and substantially lower tax liabilities.

At-risk-of-poverty rate back to pre-crisis levels

Over the past four years, some one million people have been lifted out of poverty