Author: Lilla Mezei

Mysterious charity boxes appearing in Hungarian streets

Do you donate food or money with the coming winter season?

Budapest, the artistic heaven of Hungary

"Budapest is the city where the diverse artistic style of Hungary is the most palpable."

Wait… is there a Balaton in the USA?

Have you heard of the American Balaton?

The closed Budapest Amusement Park is doomed to become a parking lot

What are your best memories of the Budapest Amusement Park?

Here are what the young Hungarians watch for hours

Do you think that the results reflect the actual situation in Hungary?

Hungary is among the top 20 English-speaking countries

Do you think that Hungarians are good English speakers?

The Pearl of the Danube – Budapest, the romantic capital

Which is your most memorable sight of Budapest? :)

A special sightseeing cruise on the Danube by DUNATAXI

Have you participated in river cruises in Budapest?

The largest Virtual Reality Center opened in Hungary

Would you try virtual reality games or do you favour the all-time favourite board-games? :)

International recognitions of the Hungarian film industy

Hungary is rising into the forefront of the international film industry :)

The most luxurious and the cheapest districts of Budapest to live

Which district do you find the best in Budapest? :)

Let’s promote sustainable and respectful tourism in Budapest

"Travel. Enjoy. Respect. Welcome to Budapest where respectful tourism matters" :)

György Soros no longer the richest Hungarian?

"Tamás Péterffy owns twice as much as the total wealth of the 10 richest Hungarians."

How can the Hungarian way of life influence a foreigner?

What other side-effects of Hungarian life can you name?