Author: Lilla Mezei

Budapest, one of the most romantic holiday destinations for couples

What do you think makes Budapest the capital of romance? :)

A Hungarian photographer has the whole world at his feet – PHOTOS

What do you think about his shocking photos? :)

Which is the most unhappy country in the EU? Hungary?

What can explain the disappointing results? :(

Hungary through French eyes – Interview with the Director of the French Institute

Exclusive interview with the Director of the #French #Institute about Hungarian-French relationship and many others! :D

E-sport festival is to be held in Hungary

Let's support Hungarians! :D #esport #hungary

Latest News from Hungarian Zoos – PHOTOS

Meet the super cute new inhabitants of Hungarian zoos! :D

Top Hungarian films of the film industry

Which of these films did you see in the cinema?

Hungarian operetta, a less known Hungaricum

Let's find out more about a Hungaricum representing cultural values for Hungarians! :D

The magnificent Sofitel hotel in the vicinity of the Chain Bridge is to be renovated

Sofitel Hotel investments make luxury accessible in the heart of Budapest! :)

Hungarian traditions: the beginning of the Carnival season and spring

Which carnival customs are your favourite at this time of the year? :D

Get to know the Bird of the Year in 2018

"After more than a decade, the peregrine falcon, Bird of the Year in 2018, has bred in Hungary since 1997."

A day of nostalgia: favourite Hungarian cartoons of our childhood

Which is your favourite Hungarian cartoon? :)

Get to know the World’s Best Concierge working in Budapest

Congratulations to the Hungarian concierge! :)