Author: Péter Licskay

Budapest’s best bars, ranging from ruin pubs to sky bars, according to CNN

You can be sure to find some place that satisfies your drinking and partying needs in #Budapest ;)

19 Photos that will make you regret you did not visit Budapest in the Winter

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Traditional Hungarian card games you might not have known

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Hungary purchases a brutal military beast that can eliminate targets from over 60 kilometres

Check out the beast that he Hungarian Defence Force has purchased for the Hungarian military forces. This vehicle is the best in the world.

Celebrity alert! Henry Cavill is working on his new lead role in Hungary

We collected some of the posts Henry uploaded since he arrived in Hungary for the shooting of the brand new Netflix series, 'The Witcher'.

This Hungarian model is the most beautiful chef in New York

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The long awaited modernization of the railway stations in Budapest might be underway

There is a possibility that Hungary will soon catch up to the leading European countries concerning its railway stations in Budapest.

2018 was the hottest year in Hungary

2018 proved to be important in many respects, but it was also one of the warmest years in Hungarian history.

The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones has happened in the past in Hungary

You might not believe it, but the #RedWedding from #GameofThrones has happened in #Hungarian #history not only once, but three times! Read on.

How much do you know about the Hungarian language? – QUIZ

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Awful! Only 5 countries in the EU spend more on alcoholic drinks than Hungary

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The 11 best festivals in Budapest according to CNN

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This is how Hungarians celebrated New Year’s Eve through the 20th century

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The most incredible scandals of the Hungarian healthcare in 2018

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Hungarians only like the Pope more than Putin

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One of the best restaurants in the world is just around Hungary’s border

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Three British people who chose Hungary as their new home

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The best forts to visit in Hungary – Part 2

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The most beautiful castles of Hungary – Part 2

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