Józsefváros, or the VIIIth district is one of the most characteristic places in Budapest. Situated in the heart of the city, filled with trendy bars and cafés, this district is worthy of tourists’ attention. This might be the reason why Condé Nast Traveller, a British travel magazine featured a lengthy, illustrated article about it in their January Issue.

Emma Love, the author of the article listed her favourite places, and her enthusiasm becomes even more tangible through the photos of this hip, lively side of Hungary. But why do tourists – and of course, locals – like the VIIIth District so much? Based on the article of Condé Nast Traveller, travel.hu listed the best places in Józsefváros!


Bars, especially ruin bars are the most frequented destinations for tourists in Budapest, besides the historic monuments. If you are into some adult entertainment, spend your evening in MI, a trendy bar at Mikszath Kalman square, says Emma Love. Another spot you might want to try is Lumen, especially if you like quality, freshly brewed coffee. At Lumen, you can sip your favourite coffee while listening to jazz music, and admiring the minimal, yet friendly interior.


Every tourist spends time at souvenir shops, in search of something for their families and friends, but gifts that really express the ambiance of a city are rare and they are also overpriced. In the 8th district of Budapest, Portéka and Flatlab stand as refreshing exceptions. Portéka is situated at Horánszky Street, very close to Mikszath Square. This shop sells handmade, traditional items, like chrocheted tablecloths and jewellery with creative designs, but the best choice is probably the traditional, Hungarian palinka or a jar of tasty, homemade jam. FlatLab offers exciting new creations for the stylist tourists, who want to find something they won’t see on other people. You can find this shop on the 2nd floor of a flat, near Kálvin Square.

The author also resigned a place for Szputnyik Shop, which is not a souvenir shop but rather a vintage second hand shop where you can travel back in time with the help of crazy outfits and accessories.


After visiting all these places, you will probably feel hungry and according to the authors of Condé Nast Traveller and travel.hu, Budapest Bagel is the hippest place for your well-deserved bagel. Jezsek Confectionery is also a good choice if you are around the area. It is situated in the infamous Népszínház Street and the plain interior of the shop hides the most delicious pies and pastries of the district.

If you crave for something more fulfilling, visit Matrjoska for a tasty traditional Russian dish or go to Café Csiga and try goulash soup for lunch. You can find Matrjoska at Lőrinc pap square and Csiga at Vásár Street. Budapesti Építész Kamara is also worth visiting, this beautiful restaurant at Ötpacsirta Street looks like a little Paris café with its ivy-covered walls and statues.



Urania Cinema provides quality entertainment for film lovers, and the Moorish-Venetian building gives a spectacular view – absolutely worthy a visit, and maybe a photo too! Urania also broadcasts ballet performances from international theatres like the Sydney Opera.


Emma Love recommends Brody House, a trendy, postmodern apartman for tourists, and although it is a good choice for travellers, it is in the 6th district. In Brody House, you can find recycled furniture, a credit-cashier bar and 11 stylish rooms. Little Whistle Apartman (which is in the 8th district, at Síp utca) is also a good choice. You can reserve it for the maximum of four people.

based on article of travel.hu
translated by Laura Kocsis

Photos: egykor.hu, https://www.facebook.com/budapestbagel, https://www.facebook.com/matrjoska, https://www.facebook.com/UraniaBudapest

Source: http://travelo.hu/

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  1. Brody House is in the 8th district and Síp utca in the 6th district ie the other way around!

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