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Funniest Hungarian mistranslations in Friends

The Day of the Hungarian Language was on 13 November, so why not take a look at what we create with our beautifully rich language? Do you also put lumpfish in your mashed potatoes? :)

Hungarian scientific discovery regarding a rare disease

After more than two years of research, the scientists have finally found something substantial

János Arany the Hungarian Shakespeare

As 2017 is the János Arany Memorial Year, let's recall what we have learnt in literature classes and commemorate the oeuvre of one of the most brilliant Hungarian poets.

Emigration: easy way out or a life-long dilemma?

An important and highly relevant issue to talk about. What is your opinion?

Budapest, the artistic heaven of Hungary

"Budapest is the city where the diverse artistic style of Hungary is the most palpable."

The Hungarian girl who wanted to become the Queen of the Albanians

Geraldine Apponyi wanted to be for the Albanians who Sissy was for Hungarian people, says Her life story was beautiful and tragic at the same time. We’re back in 1927; a 23 year-old fatherless countess works as a shop assistant in the gift shop of the Hungarian National Museum. Geraldine Apponyi had to take the job because her family was impoverished. She received the job with the intercession of her kin, István Zichy, director of the museum, therefore she was rather well paid. She also worked in the tourist pavilion of the museum, since she studied in the US and ... Read more

The importance of strengthening cultural ties within the Visegrád Group

Even a Czech-Hungarian-Slovak co-produced film is coming, focusing on Maria Theresa :)

5 citations about the Hungarian language

How did Hungarian poets write about their language?

New opportunities opening up in Hungary-Austria relations

Thanks to the results of the Austrian election, there are now new opportunities to work together for a better economy

Living life in two languages – can you forget your mother tongue?

"I always dream in Hungarian. I know that the language of my soul is Hungarian."

Bud Spencer statue inaugurated in Budapest

Hungarians loved the legendary actor

The largest Virtual Reality Center opened in Hungary

Would you try virtual reality games or do you favour the all-time favourite board-games? :)

Taste of Budapest – VIDEO

Discover the Hungarian cuisine with the team of foodCAST!

Hungarian National Ballet premiere: CLASSIC 47°N19°E

A brand new production from the Hungarian National Ballet :)

Hungarian lawmakers discuss cultural ties in Israel

The visit served to further boost bilateral relations