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We believe that our visitors know how to read between the lines and they can form their opinion based on their own political beliefs. The Hungarian political arena is not simple but we will do our best to help readers understand and grasp Hungarian politics through our news.

Organisations of György Soros have a serious influence on European policy making

Do you agree that György Soros has such an influence over the EU?

Hungarian left-wing MEPs also voted for the points of the Soros Plan

The Hungarian people should team up to stop the implementation pressure Brussels puts on HUngary

Anti-Hungarian atmosphere strengthening in Romania

Hungarian leader Kelemen Hunor's Star of Romania decoration was suggested to be taken away last week. Many regarded it an anti-Hungarian act.

A coalition backing Hungary’s position on migration is taking shape

Do you think the member states are able to take in as many migrants as they pledged to?

Hungary signs education, economic pact with Thailand

The agreement provides for forty scholarships for Thai students to study each year in Hungary from next September

Central Europe ‘most threatened’ by migrant settlement quota

Do you think that Hungarians are strongly against migrants?

Socialists vow to agree with other opposition parties on entering joint candidates in 2018 election

A declaration was issued stating that the parties must cooperate and work towards a change of political system

Gyurcsány vows to make corrupt politicians accountable

Gyurcsány also wants to restore the honour of the capital, Budapest

Viktor Orbán: Hungarian model working

Orbán explained that the Hungarian model rested on three "pillars"...

Foreign minister: Hungary expects EU to reciprocate Cape Verde’s cooperation on migration

Hungary urges the EU to provide Cape Verde with the help it needs to protect its borders

Did Hungary’s Jobbik party change over the years?

Hungary's political parties believe that Jobbik hadn't changed over the years

Hungary stands by request for EU contribution to border fence

The government insists that the fence is the solution rather than organising migration

Hungary supports Egyptian government’s efforts against terrorism

"Egypt relies on Hungary also in its capacity as a member of the Visegrád Group"

European Parliament appoints Lívia Járóka as an EP vice president

MEPs of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats welcomed Járóka as being the first Roma to be appointed to the post