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We believe that our visitors know how to read between the lines and they can form their opinion based on their own political beliefs. The Hungarian political arena is not simple but we will do our best to help readers understand and grasp Hungarian politics through our news.

Hungarian parties: Fidesz, Jobbik, Socialists, Democratic Coalition, LMP, Liberals.

Politicians: Viktor Orbán, Gábor Vona, Bernadett Szél, ferenc Gyurcsány, Ferenc Molnár, János Lázár, Péter Szijjártó, Sándor Pintér.

We already published interesting news about Hungarian election 2014, European Parliament election 2014, Council election 2014, Presidental election 2017, and now we are publishing articles about Hungarian general election 2018.

Opposition mind set not yet ready for unseating government?

The negotiations continue... #HungaryElection2018 #oppsition #government #LMP

Hungary to resume support for Ukraine if education law postponed until 2023

#Ukraine's geo-political importance "does not lift that country's obligation to observe international law - #Hungary's FM #ukrainian #hungarian #eu #nato #kárpátalja #transcarpathia

Election 2018 – PM candidate Karácsony discusses anti-graft plans

"Merely 23 percent of #Hungarians see a chance of efficient action against #corruption" #hungary #HungaryElection2018 #socialists

Election 2018 – Jobbik leader outlines planned government structure

#HungaryElection2018 Vona has outlined the government structure: 11+1 ministries #jobbik #hungary #hungarian #government

Hungarian political scientist: PM Orbán threatened those who are not with him

Gábor Török believes that PM #Orbán said in his #National Holiday #speech what he really believes not what in his interest was. However, this can become a grave #political mistake. #Hungary #hungarian #threat #opposition #revolution #freedom

Jobbik wins over 100 libel suits against Fidesz media empire

#Jobbik: The people cannot be deceived without consequences #hungaryelection2018 #hungary #hungarian #media

Orbán inspects border fence with Serbia – Photos

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán paid a visit to the Hungarian-Serbian border to inspect the fence erected to prevent illegal migration, on Friday. According to a video footage posted on Facebook, Orbán noted that in 2015 Hungary faced the arrival of masses of people at its border and had no chance to stop the flow. “It was a rather bad feeling that our homeland was exposed, but then we built the fence”, he said, adding that during his visit today he could “see for himself” what a solid structure the fence is to protect the country. PM Orbán and Interior Minister ... Read more

Election 2018 – LMP wants more women lawmakers in parliament

Rate of female lawmakers in parliaments: #Hungary occupies the 158th place on a global scale #hungarian #HungaryElection2018 #women

Hungary condemn vandalisation in Transcarpathia – VIDEO

"The incident a "clear provocation" against ethnic Hungarians of the #Transcarpathia region" #ukraine #hungary #hungarian #ukrainien

Hungarian leftists ready to cooperate with Jobbik

Jobbik will not take part in Sunday's talks initiated by the Democratic Coalition #HungaryElection2018 #hungary #hungarian #jobbik #dk

Two-Tailed Dog Party holds alternative Peace March

The crowd chanted "Viktor the King" The satirical Two-Tailed Dog Party held an alternative Peace March in Budapest #HungaryElection2018

Students demonstrate for better education in Hungary

A huge students demonstration for the better education - PHOTOS from Budapest

Vona calls on Jobbik faithful to raise flag of freedom

Vona invited all well-intentioned, honest Hungarians "to raise a flag of freedom not a banner of fear and oppression" #march15 #HungaryElection2018 #jobbik #hungary #hungarian

March 15 – Orbán: ‘They want to take our country away’

"They want people other than us or our descendants to live here from now on," Orbán said at a state commemoration of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution #hungary #hungarian #migration

March 15 – Romanian PM: ‘Time to shift emphasis’ in bilateral ties

#Hungary and #Romania should focus on things that advance human and #cultural relations, the #Romanian Prime Minister said

March 15 – LMP calls for opposition cooperation

The prime ministerial candidate of the green LMP party has called for cooperation between opposition parties, noting the young revolutionaries of 1848 who “may not have all liked each other but were able to work together for a common cause”. At a commemoration marking the 170th anniversary of Hungary’s anti-Habsburg revolution on Thursday, Bernadett Szél warned that the opposition would not win the upcoming election “unless there is the broadest possible cooperation between its parties”. “Most voters want to see a change of government,” she said. “There is no need to threaten each other; everyone must sit down at the negotiating ... Read more

March 15 – Orbán: ‘We will fight for our homeland till the end’

"We never hated and will never hate anyone; we continue to believe in the power of #love and #unity," #hungary #hungarian #1848HungarianRevolution