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Here you can read all great news about people who lives in Hungary but you can also read news about Hungarians who live abroad.

Pope meets Hungarian bishops

A friendly meeting :)

Hungarians’ views on sexual harassment – Survey

Four out of ten people (41%) think that victims are responsible for becoming victims of sexual harassment.

New Paks blocks will be highly safe

The two new Paks power plant buildings constructed by Russian-owned Rosatom company will be safe, says company

Mysterious charity boxes appearing in Hungarian streets

Do you donate food or money with the coming winter season?

Emigration: easy way out or a life-long dilemma?

An important and highly relevant issue to talk about. What is your opinion?

Wait… is there a Balaton in the USA?

Have you heard of the American Balaton?

Budapest ranked as 12th most knowledge-intensive capital in Europe

Hungary is doing well in the area of creative professions and IT

The closed Budapest Amusement Park is doomed to become a parking lot

What are your best memories of the Budapest Amusement Park?

Here are what the young Hungarians watch for hours

Do you think that the results reflect the actual situation in Hungary?

IT experts needed in Hungary

There is great need for IT experts in Hungary, and English is much more important for them than maths though higher education concentrates on the latter.

Is Budapest a welcoming city?

Do you also think that Budapest is an unfriendly city?