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Why do Hungarians wear a band with the national colours in the middle of March? Which is the most popular Hungarian spice? What are the unique features of the Hungarian Easter holidays? You will find the answers to these and other, similar questions in the “Hungarian Special” section, since the editorial staff of the website also intends to provide general information about Hungarians so we will share some interesting facts about our nation as well. You might find it interesting to browse through all of these articles since they can help you to get a better understanding of Hungarian culture and Hungarian people.

Happy Birthday Dear Budapest!

Let's celebrate our beloved capital city! :)

5 interesting facts about Budapest’s richest district

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20 breath-taking photos of Lake Balaton in Autumn – GALLERY

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The misty mystery of the Gemenc National Park – VIDEO

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5 interesting facts about the Széchenyi bath

Hippo bathing in the Széchényi's thermal water? :)

Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square opens

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... :)

The Pearl of the Danube – Budapest, the romantic capital

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Mini language lesson #17: Wine, the magic word

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15 must-see sights in Hungary PART 2

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The best St. Martin’s Day dishes in Budapest

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15 must-see sights in Hungary PART 1

15 splendid destinations in Hungary - Part 1

Top 10 Hungarian restaurants

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The compass of Pécs: the TV Tower

The Tv Tower has become the symbol of Pécs throughout the years.