DK: Government not fit to represent national interest

Budapest, June 14 (MTI) – The government’s billboards warning migrants not to steal the jobs of Hungarians will make it hard for Prime Minister Viktor Orban to complain to Austria about a similar campaign directed against Hungarians, according to the opposition leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) party.

Austria’s Freedom Party has compared Hungarians taking up jobs in Austria to the Mongol invasion of Europe, “thereby boosting” a campaign over the past few months which is now aimed at Hungarians working in Austria, DK lawmaker Szabolcs Kerek-Barczy said. Yet one of the far-right party’s MEPs has applauded the campaign by Fidesz against migrants.

Kerek-Barczy said Orban was not fit to represent the national interest with his “campaign to incite hatred” and has no moral grounds to ask Austrian government leaders to intervene in the hate campaign directed against Hungarians.

The ruling Fidesz party said in response that “Ferenc Gyurcsany is welcoming economic migrants with open arms” after having campaigned against Hungarians living in other countries — referring back to Gyurcsany’s stance against extending citizenship to Hungarians living in other countries in a referendum in December 2004.

The Fidesz statement said DK was willfully merging together the concept of free movement of people in the European Union with the influx of economic migrants into the EU, which it said was “an unbearable burden, bringing about irreversible developments for the whole of Europe and Hungary.” Immigration is a threat to the jobs and security of the Hungarian people, Fidesz said, adding that “the left is still taking the side of immigrants”.