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Time is one of the most important factors in our busy world, so it is worth wearing it elegantly and shaping it to our own taste. However, even though time does not always allow us to form it to our own desires, the exclusive watches of Nordgreen will definitely do. The nature-friendly green watches are available in a variety of designs and styles, with tailor-made components according to individual tastes.

Social and environmental responsibility is among the essential principles of Nordgreen. Therefore, its vision is to be a sustainable watch brand that changes how you view a timepiece.

The unique name combined from two words – ‘Nord’ and ‘Green’, symbolises the combination of Nordic identity and the company’s commitment to sustainability. According to the website of Nordgreen, one of the most crucial goals is to create useful and long-lasting solutions that can endure the challenges of time.

That is why, in addition to their elegant appearance, the Nordgreen watches ensure long-lasting quality for customers.

The Nordgreen collection includes exclusive timepieces for both men and women, reflecting the timeless design and made in a unique, personalised style. The Nordgreen’s vegan watches of premium quality “feature the typical minimalist Scandinavian design that evokes beauty, practicality, and function”. If you are a great fan of minimalist elegancy, your perfect watch is right here. Still, you can choose among other timepieces as well, all of them representing elegance and refinement.

A different speciality of Nordgreen is that you can create your own timepiece by selecting your preferred watch head and straps.

Your favourite piece is available in different sizes and colours that can be chosen to your taste. Whichever model you prefer – Philosopher, Native, Infinity or Pioneer – you can create your own watch by a few clicks here.

Besides your own watch, you can surprise your beloved ones with an elegant bundle package, by which now you can save up to 20%. The sleek package includes a watch and two additional straps. Don’t waste your time; the special gift is now guaranteed!

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Source: nordgreen.com

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