Fairytales and minimalism at the Budapest Fashion Week – PHOTO GALLERY

Nora Sarman

One of the most important fashion events, the Budapest Central European Fashion Week took place over this weekend, between the 25th and 27th of October at the Castle Garden Bazaar. Prestigious Hungarian and international fashion designers presented their genius and latest collections at the bi-annual event.

Before the visual pleasure down at the end of this article, let us take a look at the most exceptional Hungarian designers, reviewed by Femcafe:

NUBU – 25 October, Thursday

NUBU is characterised by playfulness, refined elegance and modern, simplistic patterns all at the same time, which makes sure that the brand always stays in fashion. The best part, however, is that NUBU strives to create pieces that are not only tasteful and unique but comfortable and easily combined with different styles, too.

Abodi – 25 October, Thursday

Abodi did not let down the audience and the lovers of the brand, bringing their trademark feminine, yet extravagant elegance.

Katti Zoób – 26 October, Friday

Katti Zoób’s astonishing creations were welcomed with excitement. Katti proved that even the cold season can be fashionable and feminine, making you feel like you are in fairyland.

Sentiments – 26 October, Friday

The brand’s name and motto focus on feelings, sentiments, and this attitude towards the importance of feelings is reflected in the pieces presented at the fashion week: harmony, beauty, femininity keeping up with the latest trends.

Nora Sarman – 27 October, Saturday

Seeing the enchanting creations of Nóra Sármán will make you want to get married as soon as possible just so you can wear these beautiful, hand-made wedding dresses made from the highest quality silk and French lace.

CAKO – 27 October, Saturday

Kinga Cakó’s 2019 Spring collection did not disappoint: if you are looking for a chic and elegant look, opt for the pastel-coloured, simplistic, modern pieces she designs.

photos: MTI/Balogh Zoltán

Source: femcafe.hu, https://bcefw.com/