Government Spokesperson won’t admit how much financial help he received from George Soros

According to his CV, government spokesperson Zoltán Kovács received a Soros and several CEU scholarships. asked Kovács how much financial help he actually got, but the spokesperson did not give an answer, even though the government is urging everyone to clarify how much financial support they have received from foundations back up by Soros.

In 2014 the government stated that George Soros (in Hungarian Soros György) is behind all the non-governmental organizations that are providing scholarships to students to study abroad. The Government Control Office investigated those scholarships which were provided by the EEA and Norway Grants, and it was stated many times that these scholarships are all part of an international conspiracy through which Soros is working towards overthrowing Fidesz.

Government spokesperson Zoltán Kovács told ATV on 20 May, 2016 that the government found a connection between the current migration crisis and Soros. Kovács has received many CEU scholarships (the Central European University was founded by Soros in 1991), and he also spent a year studying at the Queen’s College in Oxford through a Soros/Foreign & Commonwealth Office Scholarship. asked Kovács how much financial support he has received through Soros and CEU scholarships. In his response Kovács said that he won the scholarships by applying to them, and the received money does not count as a public fund, so he does not feel the need to reveal the exact numbers.

However, asked Kovács again, and told him that, although scholarships are not public funds, he is a member of the government which is against George Soros and his foundations. Also, all the relevant reports of non-profit organizations are public. has yet to receive a response to the second e-mail.

On 25 May, János Lázár stated, referring to secret service sources, that all the non-profit organizations which can be connected to the opposition are backed up by Soros. Lázár admitted that those organizations that might support the opposition are being watched, but the reports are not available to the public.

Lázár later asked Viktor Orbán about the Soros scholarships and whether it is morally acceptable to attack him when several members of Fidesz has received Soros scholarships at one point. Orbán said “If Soros needs the money, Fidesz members will pay it back” writes.

Lázár also said that Soros cannot expect people to have the same ideologies just because they have received a scholarship from one of his foundations. Orbán also stated that the Fidesz party would definitely pay back the received 3 million HUF if Soros asks for it.

Photo: MTI

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