A great way to learn Hungarian

Learning a language is always difficult in the beginning, even choosing the right platform or way (online studying, courses, private teacher etc.) can be difficult, but once you start everything gets better. In case you are preparing to study Hungarian, let us help you in finding your way and take a look at HungarianPod101, which may be what you are looking for.

Why choose HungarianPod101?

“Learn Hungarian with HungarianPod101! No more dry, out of date textbook story lines! Here at HungarianPod101, you’ll learn Hungarian through fun, interesting and culturally relevant lessons that are easy to listen to. But not only are they fun – they’re effective too! Join the hundreds of thousands of people already learning Hungarian with the help of our mobile apps, desktop software and the website, with free Hungarian lessons released every week!” – hungarianpod101.com

At the start you may choose your level of the following: absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate and advanced. After registering, either you can decide whether you would like to receive the Word of the Day Email, by which, as the name suggests, you would get an email every single day containing a Hungarian word and its explanation, or not. Though, choosing to get it is highly recommended.

As you start using the site you realize that there are several tools to help your learning process: you can mark your favourite lessons, use the ‘WordBank’, and improve your vocabulary thanks to the always useful flashcards. Or, you may also browse further study tools, e.g. checking the Hungarian Alphabet, pronunciations, some key phrases, and, of course, you may also take a dive into the Hungarian dictionary.

Furthermore, when you feel completely ready to begin your process of learning Hungarian, you can go to the ‘Lessons’ tab and see some themed sections, each coming from different areas, teaching you about situations, such as in case of an emergency, being in the bank, or asking for directions.

You may even become able to produce sentences like these…

However, if you were to try out something else you might want to give a chance to the audio or video library, which line up further lessons in order for you to become more confident when speaking/reading/listening to Hungarian stuff.

But you can also find the inevitable element of every language learning process: grammar. HungarianPod offers a ‘Grammar Bank’ where you can get more familiar with the language.
Also, aside the Word of the Day feature, you may get to know the 100 and 200 most common words in Hungarian as the vocab part enlists them too.

But if you feel helpless and cannot find the way how things work at HungarianPod, you may easily go to the Help Center or watch the video tutorials that aim to make your studying more fun and less frustrating.


Everything is provided for some fun while learning one of the really difficult languages of the world. But bear in mind, once you are on the path of learning you only need hard-work, patience and enthusiasm, and one day you will realize that you can perfectly understand what the Hungarians next to you in the café are talking about. Moreover, you will be able to have your own conversations in Hungarian without any problems, just keep on learning and try to enjoy the time you spend with it. :)

Photo: facebook.com/hungarianpod101

Copy editor: bm