Grief: Jenő Buzánszky Dies at the Age of 89

According to, Jenő Buzánszky dies at the age of 89, his son informed He was the right guard of the World Cup silver medalist (1954) and the Olympic Champion (1954) Golden Team.

Jenő Buzánszky was transported to the Esztergom hospital in 12 December where he underwent surgery. Thereafter, he was unable to receive the invitations for Christmas celebrations. He was in intensive care after the operation and his condition was critical 4 days after the procedure. The following week he had to be operated again. Two days before Christmas Eve, his son, Jenő Buzánszky Jr. informed the people who were worried about his father that although the patient was awake for minutes and he was also communicating, speaking was very difficult for him.


“He has no appetite either, he needs artificial feeding, and however, according to the doctors, his condition has stabilized, it would be important that he would accept food and return his vitality” – son of Buzánszky said. After Christmas and even before New Year’s Eve, the former star was brought from the ICU to the department of Internal Medicine. His body became very weak and his mood was volatile. He consumed only a minimal amount of food and drink, says.

Buzánszky Jr. said in his statement given to the National Sport (Nemzeti Sport):

“From now only God knows how and when dad’s condition will change”

According to, Jenő Buzánszky, who was the last living member of the Golden Team, passed away on Sunday evening at eight o’clock. Pál Várhidi and József Tóth are still alive from the Hungarian National Team which won the silver medal in the 1954 Switzerland World Championship.