Health care system to have 45 billion HUF more next year

The budget for the medical institutions has increased by 30%, almost 225 billion HUF since 2010, while the cumulative inflation was only about 13% – Magyar Idők was informed, writes to

Compared to this year’s resources, the health care system will receive 45 billion HUF more next year – said the Minister of State for Public Finances during the “Medicina” conference. The Minister also talked about the hospitals’ debts; he stated that hospitals should be reformed in a similar manner to the municipalities, in order to stabilize their finances.

The municipalities’ debt settlement reformed the financing system (it became highly centralized), and introduced new laws to prevent further indebtedness.   

Péter Benő Banai called the crisis of human resources a major problem of the health care system, and said that no matter how well the Hungarian economy performs, it will unable to provide Western European wages for its workers; therefore, raising wages is important, but fringe benefits should also have a major role in improving the situation.

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translated by Adrienn Sain