House speaker attends world meeting of Csángó Hungarians in Romania

Brassó, Romania (MTI) – László Kövér, Hungary’s house speaker, attended the opening ceremony of a world meeting of Csángó Hungarians in central Romania’s Brasov (Brassó) on Friday.

In his address at the ceremony, Kövér referred to the efforts of the Csángó community and said that theirs was a “typically European fate”. He argued that the identity of Europeans was “under siege” and insisted that international “power groups” were bent on “making them masses unable to defend themselves and easy to manipulate”.

House speaker attends world meeting of Csango Hungarians in Romania, photo: MTI

Kövér said that even the identity of national majorities was in danger. “Identity terrorists” are destroying the institutions of family “based on the communion of man and woman”, those of the Christian churches and Europe’s nation states, he said.

Those who have a stronger identity and more faith will win the battles of the 21st century, Kövér said.

The future of Europe, including Hungarians and the Csángó community will hinge on “our respect for the sanctity of birth and the family, in line with our Christian morals, our ability to preserve the identity of our communities” as well as an ability to promote the interests of those communities, Kövér said.

The Csángó community, an ethnic Hungarian group, lives in Romania’s Moldavia region, and comprises about 250,000 members. They are believed to have fled from neighbouring Transylvania in at least two bigger waves. Many Szeklers fled the forced recruitment into the Austrian military in the 18th century. About 60,000 members of the community still speak an archaic form of Hungarian.

Photo: MTI