Hungarian archer sets new world record by shooting across the Niagara Falls

According to, after shooting across the Verecke Pass, Archer József Mónus this time tackled the Niagara Falls.

“During the performance a beautiful rainbow has been formed above the waterfall, which pointed the way to my arrow. I’ve never seen such a beautiful natural phenomenon like that before” writes Mónus.


Mónus and his team visited the United States and Canada to take part in a cash prize event offered by the Hungarian Archery Association.

“My son, László, in the extreme category broke my earlier world record! Now, the new world record in this category is 793 meters.”

“Overall, my two students’ – Kiara Prokaj, and László Mónus – world records in the 35 pounds category are unbreakable for at least 30 years. This is because we developed a style where the bow and the arrow are in perfect harmony with the shooter, which will be difficult to re-create on the world-class level by anyone.


We won’t use this technique often in the future because I wouldn’t like anyone to copy the style as we have developed it by putting tremendous amount of work into this new technique” writes Mónus.

Featured image:ónusJózsefLászló