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The Hungarian folk dance group called Fricska was invited to a private celebration at His Royal Highness Prince Charles’s birthday in the British capital where they also had the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth II.

According to, the Hungarian folk dance group’s most memorable moment from Prince Charles’ birthday celebration is when they shook hands with Her Majesty The Queen.

Fricska was invited to this private occasion because the Royal Family loves and enjoys Hungarian folk music and folk dance and always insist on them at their celebrations. Hungarian folk music band called Szalonna és Bandája also performed for His Royal Highness.

Two members of the band, Bence Máté Papp and Bálint Gergely Papp, said that it was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

“We were completely astonished when we entered Buckingham Palace. Everything was golden, and the walls were covered with enormous paintings. Beautiful crystal chandeliers were hanging on the ceiling, and we saw an enormous pipe organ in the throne room.” – said the boys.

After their performance, they met Queen Elizabeth II who congratulated them.

“Her Majesty even asked me whether my hands hurt after the performance. It was incredible how genial she was.” – said Máté Bence Papp.

Before the performance, they also conquered the streets of London with their Hungarian folk dance choreographies.


Máté Bence Papp is an acquaintance of mine and told me more about their visit to London. Their accommodation was at the Hotel Ritz which is separated from the Royal Palace with only one park. They have never stayed in such luxurious conditions as the hotel has. He added that everyone treated them well and they received a warm welcome from the moment they arrived in London.

Before their performance, they had to learn the Royal protocol and were also warned not to dance too harshly because Queen Elizabeth II might get frightened. Her Majesty was sitting and watching their performance from approximately two metres.

“We are used to our dynamic dancing, so we started off as we usually do. After the first harsh clap, I saw that the Queen got frightened a bit. That was the moment when I truly realised who we are dancing for in a place which has more than a thousand-year-old history“  – added Máté.

The group has been dancing together since 2009. Besides London, they have performed in several significant cities like New York City, Düsseldorf, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Monte-Carlo and Paris. Their name, Fricska, means game: performing authentic Hungarian folk dance in a modern way.

Fricska, dance, Buckingham, London

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