Budapest, September 4 (MTI) – Lawmakers on Friday passed a package of bills aimed at tightening up laws related to border protection and migration.

The bill was adopted with 140 votes in favour and 33 against in the 199-seat parliament. Under the amendments, transit zones will be set up along Hungary’s border with Serbia, the criminal code will apply stricter penalties for human smuggling and damaging the border fence will be a crime.

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Photo: MTI


  1. Escort the asylum seekers to the border and get rid of the problem. Get out of the EU or else they will force Hungary to take 40-100 000 migrants. Form an independent trade zone from Poland down to Greece and create your own trade agreement with the Visegrad Four, Serbia etc.

  2. Thanks for your insight Edward. How are the Romans behaving today?
    The Syrians or former Ottoman empire were swept out by us following a 150yr occupation. They stole our woman, kids and cattle like they had a run of the store daily. They talk today about ‘Human rights’, LMFAO!!!!! We don’t feel it, the Germans and Austrians were spared the agony, and the Romanians felt it with us. If the West EU wants them and thinks they can handle the bunch, No Problem…. They are not welcome in the east. The west can deal with their issues. Say la vie!
    Enjoy your Bakleva and Turkish coffee in the mornings remember to bend over to the east at 2:00 O’clock.

  3. i totally agree with Magyar fold about the 1956 revolution no one helped Hungary they were on their own many Hungarians flee their homeland for safety inculding my Father,I also left in the 80’s as they were still under the Russia rule,Hungary helped itself they are proud to be Hungarian

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