Hungarian singer’s song features in Michael Kors commercial

Michael Kors recently used a Hungarian singer’s song, titled KorsKorsKors, in their new 90s retro-styled commercial. The song belongs to ByeAlex, who is a popular and important member of the Hungarian music industry. 

Hungarian singer and songwriter ByeAlex became known in 2014 when he won the opportunity to represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since then he made one studio album and several hit songs. He is also the member of the X-Factor jury in this season.

According to, ByeAlex told the story about how his song, called KorsKorsKors, got featured in Michael Kors’s new commercial.

“My record label, called Magneoton, is in contact with several international publishing companies and agencies. Michael Kors received the idea of using our song in early summer and they immediately wanted it in their new international commercial campaign.” – said the singer.

He also added that the negotiations about the campaign started a few months ago while the agency was making the commercial itself. They received the good news last week that the commercial would be posted on Michael Kors’s social media platforms.

If you became interested in the singer he performs live at Akvárium Klub on 19th December.

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