An insurance company have come up with the idea of establishing ‘selfie-free zones’ in Hungary. In the last few years, approximately 300 people died worldwide while taking photos of themselves at an extraordinary venue. According to Generali, Hungary also includes several beautiful, but dangerous places, which could be declared ‘selfie-free zones’. Among others – Fishermen’s Bastion, The Gorge of the River Rám, and the area of Lake Bokodi.

Several gruesome photos can be found on the Internet – selfies are made on the top of skyscrapers, on the edge of volcano craters, on the peak of mountains, waterfalls, bridges. The emergence of smartphones bore the phenomenon of ‘selfie’. According to experts, this is one of the most “Like” hunting tool.

As the Hungarian news portal reports – on the other side, the phenomenon has many downsides as well. According to experts, a poorly chosen topic or a too sexy photo can affect the lives of its owners.

Not to mention a badly chosen location that can even result in death. In the last few years, nearly 300 people died while taking photos of themselves.

As far as Hungary is concerned, we rarely hear about unfortunate selfies. The last case happened two years ago when a young girl fell off Margaret Bridge and was taken into hospital with serious injuries.

According to a social media expert, tourists are rarely discouraged from taking selfies, as good photo opportunities are provided at the major tourist destinations.

“When travelling abroad – but in case of domestic tourism as well – several lists can be found about the best selfie venues. There are numerous locations which are decorated attractively in order to enhance tourists to take selfies there and upload them to social media sites, which is an effective promotional tool – commented by Mariann Forgács, executive of ‘Be Social’.

An insurance company has initiated a social campaign in Hungary to prevent the so-called ‘modern accidents’.

“We would like to highlight the fact that several devices have become part of our everyday life whose usage might result in accidents that we are not prepared for” – said Ildikó Földi-Tamás, Ground-Thomas, Communications Manager of Generali.

The campaign focuses on the usage of electric scooters, Segway and mobile phones. Selfie is a highlighted part of the program.

„We have collected some locations where we should pay attention, as international researches have revealed that – unfortunately, in the last few years, 260 people died while taking photos of themselves because they were not careful enough and wanted to back off or climb a bit higher to take a perfect selfie”.

The insurance company proposes the introduction of selfie-free zones for such touristic sites as Fisherman’s Bastion, The Gorge of the River Rám, the area of Lake Bokodi, and Batsányi Viewpoint in Balatongyörök.


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