Hungary’s biggest test track soon to be finished – VIDEO reports that an enormous test track for vehicle industry purposes is being built near Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. The first to try out the track in Autumn will be a German car manufacturer.

The foundation stone of the Zalaegerszeg test track was laid down a year ago. The plan is to build an oval-shaped track where one can reach an ongoing speed at 250 kilometres per hour. The track is multifunctional, as five kilometres out of the whole will be used as highways and motorways.

This track will be unique thanks to its functions, as Alfahir writes self-driving vehicles can be tested on it, manoeuvrability can be tested on curvy sections and on hilly ones, and there is also a part dedicated to testing the efficiency of breaks under various road- and weather conditions.

On top of all this, Europe’s largest asphalt surface (300 diameters) for the purpose of testing driving dynamics will be found here.

There are only two countries in Europe with similar tracks, Germany and Spain, but the Hungarian track is still unparalleled for the testing of self-driving cars – digressed Zoltán Hamar, the track’s technical leader. The track is special in yet another aspect: according to Hamar, there will be a section realistically resembling a city, and such simulations are only found in the USA.

It is possible to test 70 vehicles at the same time on the track, said András Háry, the manager of Autóipari Próbapálya Zala Kft. Furthermore, the communication network will be developed in such a manner that the communication between vehicles, traffic signs and other equipment can be examined.

Thanks to the special clientele, the track will benefit both Zalaegerszeg and the region economically.

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