Jobbik: International organizations should investigate ukrainian war crimes and atrocities against unarmed civilians

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is gravely concerned to receive news about the civilian victims of the clashes in the Donieck and Luhansk area, with special regard to the fact that several recent conflicts (the Southern Slavic wars, or the current fights in Syria and Iraq), caused the most damage and suffering for the civilian population.

Considering the alarming news received from Eastern Ukraine, Jobbik submitted a draft resolution to the Hungarian Parliament on July 4 to condemn the genocide conducted by the Kiev government. Unfortunately, our proposal was not supported by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, even though our concern was not unfounded, as it is proven by the mass grave found in the territories given up by the Ukrainian army.

We are quite aware that modern wars are fought by controlling the flow of information but we are shocked to see that the issue of the alleged mass graves was hardly reported in the Western media, which is otherwise so sensitive to the freedom of the press. Currently, the only source available is the Russian news supply. Considering that this one-sided approach, which is arbitrarily maintained by the Western media, makes it very difficult to obtain objective information about the plight of the civilian population in Eastern Ukraine, Jobbik calls upon the UN, the OSCE, the International Red Cross and all major international organizations to conduct independent investigations and find out what (potentially grave) crimes against humanity have been committed in the Donieck and Luhansk area. Jobbik believes it is highly important for these organizations to examine the mass grave presented in the Russian news coverage, so that they could provide unbiased information for the world.

Meanwhile, Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government to stop supporting the aggressive and irresponsible Euro-Atlantic war policy and abandon its delusional standpoint about the territorial integrity of Ukraine, since it is the Ukrainian government itself that has been detrimental to the unity of its own country. Any government using its armed forces to attack its own citizens loses its legitimacy, thus condemning the country to an inevitable disintegration. We call upon the Hungarian government to respect the values of our democracy and to withdraw its support from a government that applies weapons and terror against its own people.

Márton Gyöngyösi – press release