A black comedy in Budapest Winter Solstice in English langauge
Photo: Átrium

ROLAND SCHIMMELPFENNIG: Winter Solstice (in English language)
a black comedy by Oliver Micevski Theatre Group

The story: 

Christmas Eve. Bettina and her husband Albert aren’t happy. Bettina’s mother is staying for the holidays. Which is awkward. Not least because Bettina’s mother met a strange man on the train. And now she’s invited him around for drinks…

Family, betrayal and the inescapable presence of the past reverberate through the Roland Schimmelpfennig’s razor-sharp comedy.

“Fascism doesn’t come in fancy dress. It doesn’t show up in jackboots and swastika tattoos. It makes itself presentable: puts on a suit, borrows a tie. It comes kissing babies and handing out hats. It goes by new names: alt-this, freedom-that…” – The Guardian

Schimmelpfennig is the most performed playwright in Germany and one of the country’s most exciting original voices, with productions of his work worldwide in over 40 countries.

Date: February 3, 2020, 8 PM

Venue: Átrium Theather Budapest, Margit krt. 55.

More information and tickets HERE.

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