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India is known for its festivals. In India you don’t have just four seasons but ‘ festival seasons’  where there are celebrations, revelry, family gatherings, festivities, music, dance and good food. One such festival season is going on right now which is called ‘ Navratri’ or Nine Nights.

It is dedicated to the victory of good over evil and a tribute to the Goddess Durga which epitomises “ Shakti” or the feminine energy of the universe. Acc to the legend Goddess Durga waged a 9 days victorious battle against the demon Mahishasura to save the universe.

Indians pray for 9 dats, keep a fast or go vegetarian and celebrate with great pomp & show!

Due to the pandemic situation, the festivities might have been dampened but not the spirit. Unlike other years, the celebrations went virtual this year. Courtesy Embassy of India in Hungary daily online events have been curated for the people to connect and enjoy.

Day 5 of this 9 Days celebration was a scintillating Bollywood Dance evening with Hungarian & Indian dancers burning the stage with melodious & foot tapping Bollywood superhit numbers. Hungarian dancer Sofia mesmerised the audience with her spectacular moves whereas Indian dancers Sapna Srivastava, Rashi Bansal and Rati Gaur made the connected the audience to the live streaming witnessing a deluge of comments in appreciation of the musical evening!

In the gloomy times of virus and home bound suffocation, the live streaming of festive programmes are like a breath of fresh air. It gives out a positive message of community bond, faith in one’s traditions and an undying promise to connect people to people and hearts to hearts. A message of togetherness in this new normal through the virtual medium.

Coming up is ‘ Hungarian Musical Evening’ by performers from Egressy Béni Református Művészeti Középiskola on 22nd Oct ! Another endeavour to bring India-Hungary closer this festive season !

Press Release from Embassy of India

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