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Heads of the six opposition parties in parliament adopted a code of ethics to govern the selection of candidates for next year’s general election, on Wednesday.
According to a statement sent to MTI, the Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, LMP, the Socialist Party, Momentum and Párbeszéd have formed an alliance to
“remove a political culture based on divisions in society”
and to build a “European republic in which fundamental freedoms, norms of the rule of law, and democracy are respected in all circumstances”.

The parties will conduct their campaign under the new code, and support the candidates selected, the statement said. Under the code, nominees in the pre-selection process will respect each other’s human dignity and their privacy. Religious affiliation, marital status or sexual identity must not be involved in the campaign,
nor should a nominee wage a smear campaign against other nominees,
the statement said.

Source: MTI

  1. Since when have ANY of the Hungarian opposition parties exhibited ‘ethics’ with their political behaviour?

    It won’t be very long before their knives are drawn and ‘back-stabbing’ becomes the norm.

    “Et tu, Comrade ?”

  2. Ethics and politicians are 2 words that never should be used in the same sentence. Kind of like Sanitary Landfill or military intellegence. Please the opposition parties here in Hungary are ALL owned by the well known American terrorist whom was born in Hungary that betrayed his own people to the Nazi’s during ww2.

  3. The dilemma that is facing Hungary coming up to their 2022 National Elections.
    It will be a difficult choice, between two or more alternatives, there known styles – ideas and philosophies – that they promote of them-selves and what they offer immediately- short and long term to Hungary.
    We know from February 2021 – Hungary has changed for the better or for worse, which I believe the later – Factually is it’s present position.
    Europe and the World has changed drastically since February 2021 – and continues to change on a daily basic’s, that promotes a sense of Global unease and lack of Stability, that Europe, this area of Europe that Hungary occupies, is Feeling this “tension” which it can’t escape and needs “thoughtful” diplomatic handling to “ease our pain” and ensure we have a Future, built on and around an independency, that must be created on and under “traditional” core values of Democracy.
    Sadly, the biggest disaster of our present Government, is that they have dismantled, fractionalized, separated and re-written traditional Democracy – to their ideas and philosophies of Democracy, that in the European Union and the wider World has caused Hungary, to loose International respect, for this gigantic moving away from traditional values and practices of Democracy.
    There MUST be change – it is Unavoidable that their will not be Change in Hungary.
    The European Union it’s in-fighting likened to a “ship without a rudder” – could deteriorate that the serious question, a penetrative examination – that asks the question is the European Union – NEEDED ?
    Hungary – the dilemma Politically we Face – and we still fight this novel coronavirus that in our country has not reached its Zenith, claiming deaths to date of 24.762 lives and growing.
    May 2022 – National Elections date – will be a vastly different Hungary we know this day 2021 April 16th – and our future lies in our hands – examining history post 1989 – the Governments – post 1989 through to this present Government – what type of Hungary – the future Hungary do we wish to live in ?

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