The EU’s coronavirus-related economic recovery package and the bloc’s next budget approved by member states in July “is a let-down” of future generations, a co-leader of opposition green LMP said on Sunday.

Many EU politicians called the agreement historic, but the recovery plan is “a big step backwards” from the point of view of climate protection, János Kendernay told a press conference.     

“It is a betrayal exactly of those whose future it was supposed to save,” he said.     

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The massive debt will burden future generations that is why they must have a bigger say-in how funds in the EU’s 2021-2027 budget are spent, Kendernay added.     

He called it a mistake that only 30 percent of the funds would be spent on tackling climate change, calling for effective measures to ensure sustainable social and economic conditions in Europe.     

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“The EU’s operation must be reformed, and the neoliberal system Europe has been built on must be eliminated,” said Kendernay.

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  1. Climate change has nothing to do with man. Take it up with Our Creator. Solar activity and the semi eleptical orbit of the planet cause climate change NOT humanity. You liberal loons would do well to learn that nature does what it wants and adding taxes and ridiculous programs to cut green house gas emissions do nothing but make poor people even more poor. Grow up and find another hobby or scheme to fleece the public.

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