migrants border hungary

A group of some 100 migrants attempted to break through the border at Röszke, in southern Hungary, local police said on Wednesday.

The illegal entrants threw stones at the police while some 30 of them climbed on the border fence.

The police prevented their break through.

Two people smugglers, 21 illegal migrants apprehended in NW Hungary
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  1. It is obvious to everyone – except Marxists / Socialists / Communists and their deluded supporters (either deranged politicians or voters) – that Europe has been INVADED by hordes of illegal migrants / so-called ‘refugees’ [the majority of whom are Muslim] for the past several years.

    Not content with abiding by established protocols for seeking asylum / migration, these individuals – who can only be likened to a biblical plague of ravaging locusts – make ever increasing demands on European nations and their populations.

    In return, they offer nothing but social / religious disruption, ever increasing ‘welfare’ bills / housing problems / burdens on already stretched health facilities and – of course – violence (in the form of physical attacks including rape, murder), terrorist actions (stabbings, shootings, bombings, etc.) and wholesale theft / destruction of property (including private / public housing and major religious buildings such as cathedrals / synagogues).

    Their actions are assisted by politely-described “N.G.O.s” which in reality are anarchist organisations intent on destroying the framework of modern Europe.

    For some totally inexplicable reason, these N.G.O.s are aided – both politically and financially – by the very organisation that supposedly ‘safeguards’ the European Union and its ‘values’, i.e. the “European Commission”.

    That same European Commission – run by unelected bureaucrats and a bunch of lying, overpaid, failed ex-politicians – is now insisting that European countries which receive E.U. ‘funds’ MUST abide by E.U. ‘values’, a nebulous concept at best.

    The INSANE DEMANDS coming from the illegal migrants / ‘refugees’ , N.G.O.s and European Commission must CEASE IMMEDIATELY otherwise the entire E.U. ‘project’ will collapse forever.

    Many governments of Central European nations are already seriously considering NOT ratifying the recent E.U. budget / ‘rescue fund’ packages, establishing those countries as ‘no migrant’ nations and forming political / economic alliances involving other major global ‘players’ such as Russia and China.

    In the end, it will be Western, Northern and Southern European nations that will lose out in a very big way.

  2. The border police should have the power to shoot dead anyone trying to break through the border fence. Worrying about these criminals attempting to break through the border fence human rights is why they keep coming. If they learn that deadly force is authorized soon they will try somewhere else and avoid the borders of Hungary. Hungary should be issuing international arrest warrants for Soros and ALL like minded folks who enable illegals to attempt to enter Hungary illegally and the employees of his NGO’s.

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