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The government is causing greater uncertainty at the start of the school year than the coronavirus itself, Socialist lawmaker Ágnes Kunhalmi told a press conference on Facebook on Wednesday.

The chairwoman of the party’s national board said the government’s attempt at establishing hygiene and epidemiological protocols had been a failure since the proposed measures were unenforceable and had been drafted without incorporating salutary experiences gained from the first wave of the epidemic.

Kunhalmi cited an example of uncertainty over how a school head should act were a teacher or student to be infected by coronavirus.

The education authority should bear the costs of related measures rather than teachers “paying out of their own pocket” for technical equipment and additional gigabytes of internet use in order to provide a digital education, she said.

Schools, she added, should be provided with adequate disinfectants, masks and thermometers, as well as a sufficient number of cleaners.

Kunhalmi said that in the case of a second wave, the school system should be changed, but instead of a sudden shift to digital-only education, a “hybrid education” should be offered.

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