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Kiskunhalas, Hungary. Illustration. Photo: MTI

Three Syrian and a Tunisian men were charged with smuggling illegal migrants across Hungary to western Europe in 2014 and 2015, the Bács-Kiskun County prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

According to the charges, the four men were recruited by a Libyan national living in Poland. They are charged with smuggling some 70 illegal migrants from the Hungary-Serbia border and from Budapest to Italy and Germany, for a total of nearly eight million forints (EUR 22,000), the statement said.

The case will be tried at the Baja county court, in southwest Hungary. The prosecutor’s office has asked for a prison sentence without the possibility of parole, the statement said.

As we wrote before, some want to manage migration, Hungary wants to stop it, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in an interview published in the online edition of German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung, read more HERE.

Daily News Hungary
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  1. Each of the defendants should be found GUILTY and sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour for a period of NO LESS THAN ten years.

  2. Unfortunately, it stops there as far as responsible and rational thinking. Are those smugglers going to take care of also by providing sponsorships, food, clothes and housing to them? For the small business owner who’d be employing those migrants with no legal border entry nor any legal valid work permit and identification is causing a big problem to the country (finances for example: taxes unpaid, tax invasion for business owner and migrant); finances missing from Treasury so there are no educational funds, no meal plan funds, no health care funds and it’s inadequacy.
    Honestly other than border security control they need to assess how it would be possible for a MIGRANTS VILLAGE w Job Training & Immigration Reform.

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