butterfly garden budapest zoo Bagosi Zoltan
Photo: Budapest Zoo

One of Budapest zoo’s popular attractions is the Butterfly Garden. The seasonal showroom is usually open for visitors from the end of May. They start this season with 21 tropical butterfly species and six hundred specimens.

The Butterfly Garden, located next to the Palm House, is open to the public again. In the 1,200 cubic metre airspace of the 260 square metre showroom, the public can admire about six hundred specimens of 21 tropical butterfly species. Budapest Zoo’s butterfly garden has a tradition of almost two decades, and many of the species exhibited could already be bred locally by us. However, the initial stock always comes from butterfly farms, and nowadays they also buy new replacements from such farms.

This year initial butterfly stock is made up of New World species, native to tropical Central and South America, and comprise really beautiful species.

These animals all come from a butterfly farm in Costa Rica, where butterfly farmers produce many spectacular and interesting butterflies, with great success. Shipment takes place when the caterpillars become pupae. In their pupal state, they make thousands of kilometres through Miami and Frankfurt, before arriving in Budapest, to us.

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