Orbán’s cabinet: V4 uniqueness could benefit Europe

The Visegrád Group “has its own voice” on a variety of issues, including immigration, and this could serve to strengthen rather than to divide Europe, the state secretary for international communications said in Warsaw on Monday.

Addressing a press event at the Hungarian embassy, Zoltán Kovács said that over the course of their unique history, central European countries had developed a distinctive voice and the differences between central and western Europe, he added, could help strengthen the continent.

“Our perspective is just as relevant as anyone else’s, be that southern or northern Europe,” Kovács said. “We have capabilities that should be represented.”

Asked by MTI on what issues the V4 will be looking to speak as one in the run-up to next May’s European parliamentary elections, Kovács said: “Voters in all member states will most certainly be focusing on the issue of migration.”

The V4 should consider how they can have their voices better heard in the EP, too, he added.

Kovács highlighted the region’s economic strength, saying that trade turnover between the V4 and Germany was 50 percent more than Germany’s trade volume with France.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/V4