Saturday morning, the demolition experts of the Hungarian Defense Forces will disarm the WW2 bomb that was found by the Rákospalota-Újpest railway station. The police will evacuate the affected areas of the 4th and 15th districts in a 200-meter radius, during the time of deactivation, the railway services will be suspended on two railway lines from Vác, stated the Government Office of Budapest.

The 100-kilogram, Soviet-type concrete destroyer granite was discovered on Wednesday, during renovations. The disarming of the bomb will be carried out by specialists of the Hungarian Defense Forces’ 1. Demolition and Army Regiment, on Saturday, between 9 AM and 1 PM, reports Origo.

Part of Budapest outside district will be closed off to deactivate 100 kg bomb
Photo: MTI

The population of the affected areas and those who work there will have to evacuate until 9 AM on Saturday, and can only return after the successful disarming of the bomb. For those who live there, the 4th and 15th districts appointed two receptacles, in the 4th district the Elementary School of Szigeti József Street in Újpest, and the REAC sports centre in the 15th district. The transportation and supervision of those in need of medical care or disabled people will also be taken care of.

During the time of deactivation, MÁV will suspend trains on the Budapest-Vác-Szob and the Budapest-Veresegyház-Vác lines. There will be substitute buses during this time to transport passengers.

BKK will inform the public about any possible changes to public transport in Budapest. Public transport will not be disturbed until the start of the operation, that is 9 AM on Saturday.

According to the Government Office, the evacuation of the 4th and 15th district will affect about 700 people. The police will visit the homes in the affected areas, inform the people living there as well as distribute informative to mailboxes.

More info about the evacuation can be found on

WW2 bomb disarmed in the evacuated area in Buda, read more HERE.


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