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Café 57

Café 57

Café 57 opened its gates to the youth of Buda fifteen years ago under the name of Klub 57. Throughout the years it evolved from being a club into a coffee house at first, then a two-floored restaurant. Today it has a company of 200 regulars, a professional sommelier and special wines that cannot be tasted anywhere else.

Creative kitchen, exclusive wine list, a great team that works well together and a familiar atmosphere – it’s all about the guests and perfect hospitality at Café 57 and this is guaranteed by the business manager of the restaurant, András Vincze, who previously worked in the hotel industry. Chefs like Viktor Segal, László Csizmadia have worked in the restaurant. Café 57 is very proud of their current young and creative chef, Péter Áldási, who renews the menu of the fusion kitchen every three weeks. However, András Vincze doesn’t only want to attract their regulars and new gourmands ‘through their stomach’.

“I’ve put a big emphasis on wines from the first moment on. This is how the restaurant got a sommelier and we started organising wine nights as well. I stick to having specialties that are rare and unique. It took us a year until we were able to renew our flavours, and also get our circle of guests get used to it.”

Zsuzsanna Erdei, the professional sommelier who came from Gundel, takes wine lovers on journeys to special regions from where they get such curiosities – thanks to the business manager’s extended relationship network – that can only be tasted in Café 57.

“We’ve had such special products in the last six months that can only be found at our place in the whole country, such as József Szentesi’s Kadarka from 2013 or his Velence Cuvée from 2012. We have special wines from Spain as well: from the Priorat region, like the Terroir Al Limit – Dominik Huber or the Ferrer Bobet – Sergi Ferrer-Salat/Raül Bobet.”

Besides wines András Vincze also revolutionized the experience of coffee. Now we can start our mornings with several exotic “blacks” or refresh our minds with those after a lunch or dinner.

“We doubled our coffee service in the first year, even though our name is a bit tricky because we are not a coffee house. We import our coffee from Szekszárd, where it gets roasted. Beside the traditional Italian we started to import Guatemalan, Honduran, Kenyan, Ethiopian coffees thus developing our barista line.”

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