Ricky Martin loving Budapest

As we have announced early summer, the most famous Puerto Rican musician, Ricky Martin visited Hungary to put on a magnificent show. Besides assuring the audience of his love for Budapest several times, he also flooded his social media sites with photos of him enjoying the city.

Queues started lining to the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena yesterday early afternoon. By 8.30 pm, there was a full house in the arena, waiting for the concert to start.

The singer featured all of his popular songs, along with less-known, lyrical, Spanish ballads.

He took some time to show off his “basic” Hungarian knowledge, and expressed how much he loved being here.

Photo: MTI

The last time he visited Hungary was in 2006. It turned out that one of his dancers is of Hungarian origin, which might explain the singer’s Hungarian captions under his Instagram posts. For instance, the one below says that he loves Budapest.

Photo: www.instagram.com/RickyMartin

He also posted some Instagram stories, one with the caption “Mindig is szerettem Budapestet” (I have always loved Budapest)

Photo: www.instagram.com/RickyMartin

We are always happy to see celebrities admiring our capital, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Will Smith had done not too long ago. And it seems like Ricky Martin is just as big of a fan :)

Featured image: MTI