Shocking: Puskás’ team cannot use the player’s name anymore

Owner of Kispest Honvéd football team, George F. Hemingway lost the lawsuit, wrote.

The Puskás values have already been moved to Felcsút where the excellent player of the Golden Team never played. In Hungary he only played in Kispest before he joined Real Madrid. Because of the decision a sharp conflict is emerging between Budapest Honvéd and Puskás Akadémia FC (the Felcsút football club).

To name one of these cases: in the league match of the two clubs the press chief of the Felcsút club, György Szöllősi had a billboard removed with the subtitle “Puskás, Kispest, Hungary” that was made by Kispest fans. Later, Szöllősi published an article in the magazine FourFour Two – which is edited by him – where he wrote that Honvéd wants to expropriate Puskás.

According to, after that, Kispest owner George F. Hemingway filed the lawsuit which was lost. Then he learned that Szöllősi is the 47% owner of website, so he is interested in the profitability of the name Puskás.

Eventually, Hemingway decided that Honvéd will not sell anything with the name of Puskás, because the company managing the football player’s legacy would benefit from it.

Copy editor: bm