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The world-famous Herend Porcelain Manufactory

The Zsolnay is not the only world-famous Hungarian porcelain brand

Balassi Institute organising programmes worldwide to popularise the Hungarian culture

Hungary is the current president of the Visegrád Group, so joint projects with Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland have prominent places among those events

Exhibition: Art in the 19th century – Hungarian National Gallery

The re-organised permanent exhibition showcasing Hungarian fine art from 1810 to 1900 - #Hungarian #National #Gallery

A Hungarian photographer has the whole world at his feet – PHOTOS

What do you think about his shocking photos? :)

Porgy and Bess®: the new Hungarian State Opera production

The first premier at the Hungarian State Opera might go down in opera history as a world sensation. András Almási-Tóth is to put The Gershwins®’ Porgy and Bess® on stage with Hungarian singers

Árpád Göncz the legendary literary translator

Let's take politics aside and focus on Árpád Göncz's amazing work as translator

Hungarian operetta, a less known Hungaricum

Let's find out more about a Hungaricum representing cultural values for Hungarians! :D

A Palace of Tunes – Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

The university of gifted musicians from all around the world

Square centimetres worth millions – The Stamp Museum of Budapest

A unique collection to visit in the heart of Budapest :)

Amazing land art on the coast of Danube – Photo Gallery

What a special way to get in harmony with nature!

The most popular Hungarian on YouTube is an artist- VIDEO

His speedpaint videos attracted almost a million followers

The winners of Architectural Excellence Award 2017 in Hungary

11+3 awards were given to the best architectural projects in Hungary

5 stunning architectural masterpieces in Budapest

Most of these masterpieces have become symbols of Budapest throughout the years.

4 iconic buildings in the heart of Budapest

These are all marvellous buildings without a doubt. Which buildings would constitute your list?

Hungary gives Bogányi piano to Finland – PHOTOS

100th anniversary of #Finland's independence #boganyi #piano #instrument

The secret life of Béla Bartók

One of the most famous Hungarian: Béla Bartók’s magnificent and tragic life