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Who has translated the very first Hungarian Bible?

Did you know that two #Hungarian priests have started to #translate the first Hungarian #Bible before #GáspárKároli ?

CNN report: Hungarian government’s state-sponsored schoolbooks

The Hungarian government thinks migration and some other values are important to teach in schools...

Christmas gift ideas: 5+1 Hungarian books in English for bookworms

These translations of classic #Hungarian #books are surely perfect #gifts for bookworms! ;)

Hungary to open comics library for the first time

Famous and rare comics arriving in Budapest! #comic #books #library #success #exciting

Norway’s Karl Ove Knausgaard guest of honour at 2019 Budapest international book festival

#Knausgaard is best known for his six-volume Min Kamp (My Struggle) #series of #autobiographical #novels

Classic Hungarian books that you can read in English, too!

Have you #read any of these #Hungarian #books?

Hungarian storybook startup on the rise

Did you like books while growing up? This Hungarian startup makes reading fun and interactive! #Hungarian #startup #business #books #funding

Book review – A Carpathian Folk Song: Freedom, Love, Gold

Have you heard about this #book? It's worth #reading ;) #Hungary #Hungarian #story #culture

Hungarian attractions appear in Dan Brown’s latest novel

Which #Hungarian #attractions do you think #DanBrown put in his latest #novel, the #Origin? #Budapest #movie #TomHanks

Syntax of Hungarian: a new comprehensive series is to be published

Are you interested in the following volumes as well? :) #Hungarian #grammar #syntax #linguistics #research #read

The 5 most beautiful libraries in Budapest

One of the best parts of being a university student is spending time in these amazing buildings. Check them out!

Hungarian novel chosen as the book of the year in China

The legendary Hungarian novel honoured in China!

45 years of mobile libraries in Budapest

What are your memories of mobile libraries? :)

Hungarian memories in Poland – New book about the Hungarian-Polish friendship

You can find out about the Hungarian-Polish friendship from this amazing book :)

Amazing Hungarian project to educate young generation about plastic pollution

Such an amazing Hungarian project. Helping other people is cool, and so is helping our planet! :)

Clever Fox’s Tales about the universe – A story-book about astrophysics

According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, a Hungarian freelance illustrator came up with a brilliant idea. He wants to make magical story-books for 3-5 year old kids, in which daddy fox talks about the big bang and string theory with his son. The book aims to intrigue kids and raise their interest in a fun way. Róbert Farkas is a Hungarian freelance illustrator and graphic designer, whose hobby is astrophysics. His hopes that his fox-tales will lead to conversations between parent and child about the fundamental questions, like where we come from, what we are made of and where that substance is coming from. ... Read more

Hungary’s cheekiest and most beautiful cat came out with its own book

Thousands of people follow and love Erzsébet Fenevadová (Elizabeth “the Beast”) and her wisecracks on Facebook. According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, the book about the life of this special cat already passed the newest Harry Potter at the pre-order stage. But who is Erzsi? Erzsébet Fenevadová, or Erzsi, is a beautiful and straightforward cat. She’s been one of the favourites of Hungarian Facebook user for years. She has a dirty mouth, she loves to talks politics, she is open about her private life and discusses the weekly public life happenings with her fans. Her fans can’t wait to read her wisecracks, remarks and ... Read more

The Hungarian Revolution by Rupert Colley – Hungarian history in English

Sixty years ago, the people of Hungary stood up to Soviet tyranny. In Budapest and throughout the nation, civilians demanded freedom from Soviet oppression and their country’s communist government. It was one of the defining moments of the Cold War. The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 constituted the most serious threat to the USSR’s hegemony throughout the Cold War years. It is a story of extraordinary bravery in a fight for autonomy against a ruthless superpower. Rupert Colley, founder of the bestselling ‘History In An Hour’ series, recounts the years leading up to the days of October 1956, from the post-First ... Read more