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Foreign minister: Successful Brexit would serve Hungary’s interests

"Europe cannot afford to not utilise these capacities" #Hungary #Brexit #EU #UnitedKingdom

Three requirements for Hungarians to stay in the UK

Do we need to be worried about Brexit? What do #EU citizens need in order to stay in the #UK after #Brexit?

Orbán cabinet: EU draft budget for 2021-2027 ‘unacceptable’

"#EU's draft #budget is taking away resources from poorer states to transfer them to richer ones" #hungary #hungarian #europeanunion

Hungary officials hold talks with EU Brexit negotiator

Viktor #Orbán and #Barnier concluded that the #EU has managed to preserve its #unity during the divorce talks with #Britain

More and more Hungarian students go abroad after high school

Where do Hungarian students go after high school? #Hungarian #university #students #abroad

Brexit negotiator to keep Hungarians in the UK

"The #British #government wishes that every #Hungarian living in the #UK keeps living their life in the same way” #Brexit #family

Orbán cabinet: Migration remains main challenge

"#Migration is very expensive and integration or assimilation -- as it is referred to in western Europe -- is not possible" #hungary #hungarian #government

Hungarian FM: the UK is one of Hungary’s most important allies

The minister said that by the end of negotiations on #Brexit, a fair and honourable agreement should be reached between the #EU and the #UK #hungary #hungarian

Hungarian MEPs divided over EP’s rejection of pan-EU party lists

#Fidesz welcomed the move while the #Socialists said such lists would make the bloc stronger

Orbán and Irish PM: strong national economies make strong EU

The Hungarian prime minister has met with two European heads of government already this year

Hungary keen to firm bond with Ireland

Talks focused on ties between the countries, parliamentary cooperation, the future of the European Union and Brexit

HungaryTrends – The week in business and finance

Hungary raised 1.7 billion euros in a "residency bond" scheme - Any foreign nationals could apply in an accelerated procedure for permanent residency in Hungary...

Cooperation between UK, EU needs to be maintained at strategic level, says Hungarian FM in London

"We want a fair #Brexit and the broadest and most inclusive agreement on future cooperation possible"

‘They will leave as well’: the downsides of the EU’s free movement policy

The Telegraph reports that a Hungarian businessman, Péter Róna, took up a fight against the EU’s free movement policy

British Prime Minister sets people at ease: Nobody has to leave the country

May asked the foreign EU citizens, living and working in Great Britain, to stay in the country

A Hungarian woman committed suicide over Brexit in the UK

The 52-year-old woman lived at Southwell Road in #Norwich #brexit #tragedy #uk